The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows saves you from all the troubles accompanied by natural disasters. Even, regular windows with high-impact shutters cannot defend you well. The immense wind pressure of a Hurricane can infringe into your home through the outmoded standard windows, and create an upward wind pressure that blows off the roof, devastating your entire home.


If you reside in catastrophe-prone zone, then you really need Hurricane Impact Windows that can withstand high-velocity wind pressure, heavy showers, and flying debris bumping onto the windows. Here are other benefits you seize from them.


a.      Worthy Investment – Long-term Protection

Installing standard windows with hurricane shutters may seem to be cheaper than the Hurricane Impact Windows, but the cost comparison in long-run varies dramatically. Think of your precious time, efforts and tensions involved every-time you repair the windows. You would find it twofold the cost of installing Hurricane Impact Windows, which is a proven long-term defensive asset. Plus, it doesn’t erode away fast.


b.      Absolutely Convenient

How convenient it is to know that your home is protected 24×7 from extreme weather conditions? Now you can enjoy your vacation even if a storm approaches towards your home.


c.       Break-in Resistant

Oridow Hurricane Impact Windows are so manufactured that can survive category 5 wind speed, thus competent to protect you from any burglary attempt. That is why many homeowners prefer Hurricane Impact windows for their homes.


d.      UV Resistant

Hurricane Impact Windows come with laminated glass that hinders 99% of the harmful UV radiation. They protect the interiors from fading away from constant sun exposure, just like sun-glasses protecting our eyes.


e.      Energy-Efficient

Oridow Hurricane Impact Windows with premium quality UPVC profiles are energy-efficient. Further, single and double glazed glasses transmit loads of heat both ways keeping the indoors warm in winter and cool in summers. They help you save up to 50% on the energy bills used for air-conditioning.


f.        Reduces Extreme Noise

People living near the bustle junctions or noisy localities have always been disturbed by the loud noise outside. Oridow Hurricane Impact Windows reduce them by 70% and maintain your peaceful privacy indoors.


g.      Superior Quality & Security

Hurricane Impact windows are made of high quality high-impact resistant glasses which can survive extreme wear and tear. Further, as a safety measure they are laminated, to make sure that the broken glasses stay intact. Therefore, you face no damage from the broken glass or the flying wastes that are common with general windows.


h.      Concession in Insurance Premium

If you have Hurricane Impact windows and doors at your home, then you can get up to 45% of concession in property insurance premium. Check with your insurance company to ascertain discounts you eligible for. This discount along with others savings or energy bills would balance the installation price difference.


i.        Absolute Serenity During Calamity

Living in a home with shuttered windows means you need to suffer in darkness, especially when power goes out during a calamity. But, with Hurricane Impact Windows you can be calm. The minute the sun peeks out of the clouds, you will know it yourself.


Hurricane Impact Windows are comparatively more attractive and amplify the resale value of your property. HOWEVER, DO NOT OPEN THE WINDOWS DURING A STORM EVEN IF YOU GOT HURRICANE IMPACT WINDOWS.



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