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Aluminum bi fold doors can be folded in or out to open up space. They are usually glazed with large glass panels to let plenty of light in.

Aluminum bi fold doors feature an optional low-profile, non-trip sill that fits flush to the floor, eliminating any obstacles to opening and closing the door, and also making it remarkably easy to move objects in and out. It also makes cleaning very easy, and requires little or no maintenance.

Aluminum Bi Fold Doors Profiles Are Matched to Both Hinged and French Doors, for a Consistent Look

If you are searching for doors with broad openings to link your living room and the patio or entertainment area to create one vast, multipurpose space for your family and friends to enjoy, aluminum bi fold doors are the best option.

This means that the heavy-duty quality aluminum supports a significant portion of the door’s weight. Because the weight is distributed from the top, the slide to open will be completely smooth.

This is because the doors will not become caught on the traditional track at the bottom, which would otherwise become clogged with dirt over time.

Seals of a high grade are used on heavy-duty frames to prevent dust and water from getting inside. The bi-fold doors may accept any number of door leaves, ranging from two to seven, and they are available in a broad variety of opening combinations to meet the specific layout of your structure.

It is appropriate that each house be unique since this enables it to represent the preferences and needs of those living there accurately.

Oridow Aluminum Doors’ cutting-edge systems are tailor-made for each project. They are constructed to the highest quality standards, providing amazing aesthetics and exceptional performance.

You can completely personalize your aluminum doors with Oridow to get a look that is unique to you and your tastes, resulting in ideal doors.

Open up your house to stunning vistas, bring the outside in when the weather is great, improve the airflow, and create a space where you can host guests in a setting open to both your outside patio and the inside of your home.

Ensure Your House Has Enough Natural Light by Installing Large Windows and Opening the Design

When the door is opened, the panes may be folded up conveniently either inside or outside to optimize the amount of living space available or to blur the visual border when seen from the outside.

Your Creativity Is the Only Thing Limiting the Applications, and There Is No Unattainable Aim

The most important takeaways are that aluminum is more costly than uPVC, but it will last longer and is thus a superior investment.

The Finest View Is Provided by Aluminum

Because aluminum is such a strong material, the frames can be made quite narrowly without affecting the safety or effectiveness of the product.

The inherent strength of aluminum makes it possible to construct doors and windows with bigger panels, which means there is more glass and, as a result, a greater perspective.

It is also possible to create complicated patterns or configurations with aluminum, which means it is simple to create corner doors, bay doors, and bigger door sets that are longer than seven meters long. Therefore, regardless of your space, aluminum frames can maximize it to their full potential, thereby improving your view.

Aluminum Frames Can Support Intricate Configurations

Because aluminum is a flexible material, frames made of it can be created to accommodate a variety of different complicated layouts.

Aluminum window frames are flexible enough to be customized to meet the dimensions of any space, even if windows of conventional size and form won’t work.

For instance, the complete corner of a home may be opened up by removing the corner posts at each of its four corners. Look at the most recent case study we’ve published to illustrate a bi-fold door with a moving corner post.

Aluminum, uPVC, and Wood in Terms of Their Relative Ease of Upkeep

Aluminum frameworks are low-maintenance, requiring infrequent washings with mild dish detergent and warm water. Please refer to our cleaning and maintenance frequently asked questions for more information on how to clean this particular style of frame.

It is necessary to perform routine maintenance on solid hardwood frames to keep them in excellent shape both visually and functionally to preserve their beauty.

The frames made of uPVC are undoubtedly the most cost-effective choice; nevertheless, although they often come with a warranty for ten years or more, they tend to appear worn after just a few years.

Aluminum’s Capacity to Save Thermal Energy

Thermal breaks are standard on contemporary aluminum doors, and their purpose is to prevent heat from escaping through the door from one side to the other.

How Does the Thermal Break Function in the System?

Since polyamide thermal break is made of a material that is less conductive than aluminum, it serves as a barrier that divides the aluminum frame into two distinct halves. Because of this, the passage of thermal energy through the aluminum is reduced, which results in a greater amount of heat being kept inside the residence.

The use of aluminum has the advantage of allowing triple glazing installation in bi-fold doors.

Because of its robustness, the material can support the additional weight that comes with using triple-glazed units.

If you are serious about making a significant improvement to the energy efficiency of your house, then upgrading to doors with three layers of glass will provide higher thermal efficiency.


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Aluminum Bifold doors

 Features of Aluminum Bifold Doors

  • The easy-glide stainless steel wheels and rollers ensure continuous smooth operation
  • A choice of opening in or opening out, with either left hand or right hand sliding (or both!)
  • Each bespoke bifold door has a multipoint locking system with anti-lift blocks for high security
  • Energy efficiency — Our aluminum bi fold doors are energy rated, with a polyamide thermal break achieving tremendous U-Values
  • Accommodate 24mm, 28mm or 32mm glazing
  • Low threshold sill option for ease of access and superb aesthetics

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