The great state of Texas has always been prone to natural disasters.

As recently as September 2017, one of the worst hurricanes in recorded history took the state by storm and caused damages of over $23 billion! As Hurricane Harvey slammed the state, it left, apart from the countless lives that it scarred forever, an unmatched destruction of homes.

In light of this devastating tragedy affecting Texans, the people of this great state know, now more than ever, that it pays to be more precautious as far as national disasters are concerned. After all, it’s never too late to make necessary changes that will eventually help in keeping your home intact during times of disasters.

It’s never too late to be safe

There’s sufficient damage done to houses, regardless of how much you prepare; however, that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye and disregard the problem completely.

In contrast, developing a proactive approach and preparing your home for disasters before they strike often results in less damage as compared to normal.

Prepare your home

Even if you plan to evacuate, it’s important to fortify your house’s defenses against the impending storm so as to minimize the financial impact of a natural disaster.  Even if you expect some damage is expected it’s always better to be prepared. For starters, you could board up the doors and windows to lessen the impact of strong hurricane winds.

You can even choose to renovate before the storm strikes to ensure that its foundations are strong and that it can withstand the adverse winds and rainfall. Remember, your house’s windows are its Achilles Heel (as they tend to easily break and jeopardize the safety of you and your loved ones), so, it’s of the utmost importance that you focus on them..

In fact, it’s often the shards of glass that end up doing more harm during hurricanes than the natural calamity itself. In cases like these, Hurricane impact windows offer a reliable and cost-effective solution as they end to prevent the windows from facing damage caused by strong winds.

If you’re looking to buy Affordable Hurricane Windows, the ORIDOW team would love to help! We have a large selection of hurricane impact windows which will make your house storm and hurricane resistant. Contact us today for some of the best hurricane windows commercially available today!

Hurricane Impact Glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass

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