Aluminum Window Options: What Kind Of Windows Should I Go For?

Kind Of Windows

Aluminum windows are great! They are light and durable and can be designed in multiple combinations. For example, you can use them in multi-panel glass doors.

One great quality of aluminum is that it’s water-resistant. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about your windows getting damaged when it rains.

When it comes to aluminum windows, you have multiple options available at your disposal. These include:

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Casement WindowsAluminum casement windows are not just attractive, they are also durable. This makes them the perfect choice for homeowners who want to ensure their windows last for several years.

That’s not all! These windows are also energy efficient and can enhance the aesthetics of your home. With these windows, you don’t have to worry about rust or rot. Furthermore, the paint does not come off easily which means that the windows appear the same for several years.

Aluminum casement also fits in all kinds of architecture and there are few window options that can compete with them in terms of style. They also help improve the flow of air in your home.

Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

Aluminum Tilt Turn WindowsLike Aluminum casement windows these, too, last for a long time and look great. What separates them from the rest is their versatility. With these windows, you get multiple opening options.

You can either turn the handle once and tilt the vent open, or you can tilt the vent twice and let the vent swing into the room. This makes it easier for you to clean the window without having to go outdoors.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum Sliding WindowsAs the name suggests, these windows have aluminum instead of vinyl or wood. This makes them an ideal choice in commercial and industrial properties. Builders also prefer to go for this option due to their flexibility.

These are commonly used for bedroom outlets. They don’t just look good but also improve the ventilation. With these windows, you can choose to let either warm or cold air come in your home.

Another thing that makes them so great is that they don’t occupy any space when they open or close. Furthermore, these types of windows are also a lot more secure.

Aluminum Bi-fold Windows


Aluminum Bi-fold WindowsThe best thing about these windows is that they don’t consume any interior space since you can just fold them. They operate smoothly as they have a roller to allow them free and smooth movement and don’t require excessive maintenance.

Want to install any of the aforementioned window options in your home? Get in touch with us. We offer all of the above mentioned window options. In addition to that, we also install aluminum doors in homes. Contact us at 86-591-8803-7851.



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