Common Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Homeowners in the Virgin Islands are aware of the extra protection they need to invest in for Hurricane season.

Impact or Hurricane Windows are a great investment; they do a good job of protecting your home when the winds exceed 74 mph and threaten to go as high as 156 mph. There are many misconceptions that revolve around these windows. Here are some:

Bulky Windows that don’t please the eye

The aesthetic appeal of your home is important to you. Installing windows is a long-term fitting to your home; you want it to reflect your character.

Many home owners shy away from impact windows simply because of the notion that they’re bulky and unappealing.

These windows are created to withstand rain, wind and projectile damage. That being said, in addition to their durability, they are still pleasing on the eye! The fact of the matter is that only experts or those well versed with glass will be able to spot the difference between regular windows and hurricane windows.

These windows have been developed in a way that they no longer need any exterior protection like shutters.

There is only one type of hurricane window

Many seem to believe that there is only one kind of hurricane impact window available on the market. In reality, there are a variety of sizes and thicknesses that can be opted for when it comes to hurricane windows.

You can choose one that is perfect for your home’s coastal environment. They can be customized to fit the look you want for your home.

type of hurricane windowProtection from storms is all they have to offer

Protection from a hurricane is the primary goal for installing these windows but there are other benefits.

The glass used is specially reinforced to be shatterproof. It provides security against gales—winds of 34–47 knots—as well as intruders.

The laminated coatings used on the glass also help block out external sound from filtering into your house. With better insulation of your home, these windows help you save on your energy bills.

Expensive windows

The biggest deterrent for people not investing in hurricane windows is because they presume it’s too expensive.

You do have to pay a bit more for such windows but it’s better than compromising the safety of your family.  You also achieve higher safety in terms of keeping strong winds out as well as intruders while lowering your energy bills. You can also look for affordable hurricane window options.

Hurricane windows can’t guarantee safety

Hurricane windows are designed to limit the damage caused due to devastating hurricanes. They are tested to rigid standards to make sure they withstand strong winds. They are also proven to be better at providing protection against hurricanes than non-glass options.

Oridow provides its clients with hurricane impact windows in the Virgin Islands. Their specially reinforced glass is thoroughly tested for safety.



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