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Aluminum windows manufacturer

As a leading aluminum windows manufacturer, ORIDOW produces the full line of windows and doors, including aluminum frame windows and vinyl frames. Both for new construction and replacement windows, residential and commercial use, Special windows and doors can also be customized according to your project.

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Doors

Commercial Applications

Good materials are the foundation of quality windows and doors. We purchase raw materials from well-known aluminum frame, hardware, and glass factory to ensure the quality of windows and doors. 

Customation Options

Aluminum frame options

  1. 6063-T5 primary aluminum profile
  2. Thermal or nonthermal break for option.
  3. Powder coated, anodized, PVDF coating for option.
  4. Any RAL color is available.

Glass options

  1. Different thickness from 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm.
  2. Tempered glass, laminated glass, lowe glass, reflective glass for option. 
  3.  Customized U value for your project.

hardware options

  1. German-origin hardware system.
  2. Ergonomic design.
  3. Excellent anti-theft performance RC2.
  4. HOPO/ ROTO/ Siegenia optional.
  5. Kinglong is available too.

Successful projects

We not only sell Aluminum windows to the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Maldives, etc but also undertake domestic engineering and home decoration business.

The praise of customers is the greatest recognition of our products, and also the biggest driving force for us to continue to provide high-quality products.

Happy Customers

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Your Reliable Aluminum Windows manufacturer in china

Certificated Manufacturer

Certificated by ISO9001, SGS, Rohs, REACH certification.

Well trained workers

Most of our highly skilled employees have between five and ten years of experience in the industry.

Advanced Equipments

We imported German equipment to ensure the accuracy of the dimensions.

Excellent Window performance

Physical Property Test

Wind Resistance>8000Pa

The ability to prevent damage (such as crack, panel damage, local yield, bond failure, etc.), looseness of hardware, difficulty in opening, and other dysfunction under wind pressure when the external windows and doors are normally closed.

Water Tightness>600Pa

The ability to prevent rainwater leakage under the action of wind and rain when the external windows and doors are normally closed.

Air tightness<0.4m3(m2h)

The ability to prevent air infiltration when the external windows and doors are normally closed.

AS/NZS Certificated Glass

Glass accounts for 80% of a window and plays a decisive role in the U value of the whole window.

Our 6 steps safety protection will ensure there is no damage during shipping, and you will get every window with good packages.

Safety Protection Package

no damage & no scratch

  1. Tape on windows surface to protect no scratch.
  2. Glass film on glass surface to keep clean & no scratch.
  3. Rubber on iron pallet to protect window soft.
  4. Packing belt fasten windows on stillage.
  5. Air bag filled in to keep stillage not move on shipping.
  6. Trim fix windows steady on stillage.
window package

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover your most pressing questions right here. If you have additional inquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The MOQ of our aluminum windows is 50sqm in total.

For the majority of our projects, we can typically deliver within 30-40 days following the approval of the drawings. However, please note that if there are any specific requests or customization requirements for the windows, the delivery time may be extended.

Within the warranty period, should any hardware fittings become damaged, rendering the doors and windows unusable, we will promptly ship replacement hardware fittings to you at no cost. In the event that the glass experiences fogging or leakage due to non-human factors during the warranty period, we will supply you with a replacement glass panel free of charge. Your satisfaction and the proper functioning of your doors and windows are our top priorities, and we stand behind our commitment to provide exceptional service.

We are pleased to offer the following warranty policy:

  1. Window and Door Frame Warranty

We provide a generous warranty of 20 years for the window and door frames. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects or structural issues that may arise during normal use.

  1. Locks, Hinges, and Other Components Warranty

For the locks, hinges, and other components of our windows and doors, we offer a warranty period of 10 years. This warranty ensures that these essential parts are free from defects and will function properly under normal operating conditions.

  1. Glass Warranty

We stand behind the quality of our glass and offer a warranty period of 2 years. During this time,we guarantee that the glass will remain free from fogging or leakage.

Feel free to explore our Instagram and YouTube channels, where you’ll discover a wide array of products we’ve skillfully crafted for various clients and projects.

We will furnish you with a comprehensive wholesale price list, facilitating effortless price calculations for every project. Additionally, we are prepared to supply you with shop drawings, enabling you to seek customer validation with confidence.

Our products are not certified internationally, but we place a high priority on quality and conformance with local building codes. Our windows and doors are subjected to rigorous testing in-house. This ensures their durability, safety, and performance. Many clients have trusted our commitment to quality, customisation, and customer satisfaction in the past. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product or would like to know more. We will be happy to give you all of the information you need.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to do so. Feel free to reach out to us, providing us with a comprehensive project request. Once we receive your request, our team will be more than happy to assist you in identifying the most appropriate products that align with your budget constraints.

Oridow provides a wide range of windows including casement, sliding, tilt turn, single and double hung, bifold, fold up. All of these types are available in both uPVC and aluminum. We offer a variety of options that meet different architectural and performance requirements.

The typical lead time for our projects falls within the range of 30 to 40 days, although the specific duration may vary based on the unique requirements of each individual project.

Our payment terms consist of a 50% deposit requirement, with the remaining 50% due prior to the loading of your order. Payment can be facilitated through a T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) arrangement.

You have the flexibility to opt for the transportation of your windows and doors either by sea or by air. We offer two delivery options: CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) to a seaport or DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) right to your doorstep. The precise delivery timeframe is contingent upon your specific address. Feel free to get in touch with us to obtain an accurate delivery estimate.

20 Years Guarantee

20 years for window and door frame, 10 years for hardware, 2 years for glass

20 years Warranty

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