Aluminum double hung windows



U Value

1.9 W/(m²K)


47 dB

Air Tightness


Water Tightness



Aluminum double hung windows are windows have two operating sashes that can move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. They are excellent choices for the rooms that face desks, walkways or porches because the sash doesn’t open outward. With the tilt-in design, aluminum double hung windows can be cleaned from inside of the house.

Products Features

Ventilation. With aluminum double hung windows, you can move the top sash down or the bottom sash up to let in the fresh air.  It’s easy to operate, and just as easy to close again when you’re done. It’s also perfect if you need to install a window air conditioning unit.

Easy Cleaning. Because aluminum double hung windows are so versatile, they’re easier to clean. You can tilt the sashes towards you to wipe them down on either side, so you don’t have to go back and forth in order to clean them. This is particularly convenient if your windows are on a second or third story, so you don’t have to use a ladder to clean the outside glass.

If you don’t like aluminum frame, check our uPVC double hung windows.


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