Aluminum double hung windows

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Aluminum double-hung windows are types of windows that come with two operating sashes that can move up and down. This feature allows for ventilation either from the top, bottom, or both. These windows are ideal for rooms that face desks, walkways, or porches, as the sash does not open outward. Additionally, their unique tilt-in design makes cleaning a breeze as they can be easily cleaned from inside the house.


Quality hardware guarantees the ability to load the aluminum double hung windows. We also provide Caldwell hardware for this double hung window.


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Aluminum double hung windows

Features of Aluminum Double Hung Windows

  • Ventilation. With aluminum double hung windows, you can move the top sash down or the bottom sash up to let in the fresh air.  It’s easy to operate and just as easy to close again when you’re done. It’s also perfect to install a window air conditioning unit.


  • Easy Cleaning. Because aluminum double hung windows are so versatile, they’re easier to clean. You can tilt the sashes towards you to wipe them down on either side, so you don’t have to go back and forth to clean them. This is particularly convenient if your windows are on a second or third story, so you don’t have to use a ladder to clean the outside glass.


We offer three different types of aluminum frames for our double hung windows: the Thermal Break 83 series, the Non-Thermal Break 83 series, and the Non-Thermal Break 70 series. Additionally, our aluminum double hung windows come equipped with a security fly net for your peace of mind.


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Aluminum single hung windows are also available, and more aluminum windows for your choice.  If you don’t like aluminum frames, check our uPVC double hung windows.


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