Motorized GuillotineWindows

Want to get the best view from your balcony? This guide will provide everything you need about motorized Guillotine windows.

Motorized Guillotine Windows

A guillotine window is a type of window that operates by moving vertically. Traditional guillotine windows are composed of two vertically sliding frames and are operated manually. Modern guillotine windows can feature fixed frames at either the top or bottom, and can open from either the bottom to the top or from the top to the bottom, utilizing multiple sliding frames. The most recent iterations of guillotine windows are equipped with automatic remote control for added convenience.

Details of Motorized Guillotine Windows

lift up window

Anti-falling device

The weight reduction feature includes a patented fixer that secures the four corners of the window sash simultaneously using limiters in the frame. This restricts the window sash from moving only up and down along the slide groove of the window frame, providing double safety measures.

motorized guillotine window


The movable sash is installed with a high-density alloy rack that closely meshes with the internal gears, ensuring no misalignment or slippage, precise lift control, and no fear of power failure.

Easy maintance

The motor and transmission system are connected with wires. If the motor gets damaged, we can unscrew the screw and easily remove the motor to replace it with a new one.

Emergency Power Supply

No need to worry about power outages, as we provide backup power. When the main power is off, you can switch to the backup power and control the window as usual.

24V Silent Motor

When exposed to water, our motors do not pose an electrocution risk.

 Our motor is designed specifically for motorized guillotine windows, featuring low power and low voltage. Thanks to its reliable and simple brush motor structure and its low-voltage and low-power design, the motor’s performance is stable, less prone to damage, and has a longer service life.

Under load, it is equivalent to a 20W power Apple charger. Taking our window as an example (2.8 meters wide, 2.2 meters high), one unit of electricity can raise and lower it about 700 times. This demonstrates the strength and stability of our motor.

Moreover, maintenance and replacement are much simpler in the event of motor failure, requiring only the disassembly of the handrail and motor cover.

Mosquito screen

The mosquito screen is available in manual and motorized options, with different mesh and colors to choose from.

guillotione window screen

Different series we offer

Guillotine window

101 Series

guillotine window 101 series

120 series

guillotine window 120 series

128 Series

The 128 series guillotine window comes with an optional carbon steel mesh screen that provides anti-theft protection. Optional accessories include rain sensors, emergency power, anti-handing and app control.

Guillotine window 128 series

168 series

guillotine window screen

Standard Color

These are the four colors we currently have in stock. If you require different colors, please get in touch with our sales team.

guillotine window color

Surface Finish

The standard finish we choose is a powder-coated finish, and we offer matte and glossy options.

Other motorized windows

fold up window for restaurant

Fold up window

Fold In or Fold Out, with or without sill, manual or motorized. Different options available!

Gas strut Windows

Manual or Motorized, no MOQ, Door-to-Door service!

Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our wax supplies:

The lead time for the motorized guillotine window is 10-14 working days.

We have backup power. If the power goes out, you can control the windows by connecting them to the backup power.

Just use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the motor drive rod and replace it with a new motor. 

We provide 5 years guarantee for the motor. If the windows get damaged during shipping, we will send the replacement part for free.

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