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Flip Up Window

The flip-up window opens in a similar way to the awning window, but it can open to 90 degrees while the awning window can only open to 45 degrees. Because it can open to 90 degrees, the flip-up window is popular for kitchen bars. You can choose the flip-up window with or without a sill. If you choose the flip-up window without a sill, there is no need to worry about the window crashing into your countertop, as there is a wool seal or rubber seal. However, the flip-up window without a sill is not as waterproof as the one with a sill. It’s better to have an awning cover above the kitchen.



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Flip Up Window

How to close the flip up window?

After you finish grilling or dining outdoors, you can close the window from the outside by pulling it down or use the pull hook to close the flip-up window from the inside.

How big can a flip up window be?

All of our windows are customized to your request. If you choose a flip-up window with double-glazed glass, the height should not exceed 1500mm, and the width should be within 2000mm. If you choose a flip-up window with single glass, the height can be 1800mm and the width within 2500mm.

What is the guarantee for the flip up window?

We offer a 5-year guarantee for the ironmongeries, a 10-year guarantee for the window frames, and a 1-year guarantee for leak-proof and fog-free glass.

What is the lead time for the flip up window?

The lead time for the flip-up window is approximately 10-14 working days after the deposit and approval of the drawing.

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