How to select insulation for thermal break windows?

In this issue, I will take you through 20 points on what thermal insulation strips are and how to choose and use them for windows and doors. Do all aluminium doors and windows have thermal strips? No, they are not. Aluminium windows and doors are divided into two generations, the main materials are pure aluminium […]

Thermally Broken Aluminum Doors and Windows: Yay or Nay?

Energy-efficient aluminum doors by ORIDOW

Let me be blunt – The answer is big fat YAY! Whether you are planning to upgrade your home or just renovate the aluminium door for bathrooms, make sure that aluminium is thermally broken. Why?  Because thermally broken windows may increase your property’s overall energy efficiency. It also helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your […]

Repair Vs. Replace a Glass Window

A women standing in front of a window and enjoying outside view.

When a glass window is leaky, cracked, foggy, or broken and not working properly, you may start thinking about whether you should repair or replace it. It’s a tough decision, but many house owners tend to try and make endless repairs instead of considering replacement. When’s the Right Time to Repair Your Window? The right […]

4 Window Privacy Ideas (includes options for privacy for windows without blinds)

window blinds

Privacy is a fundamental human right. We are fighting mega-corporations such as Facebook and Apple for invading our privacy, but what about our neighbors? Or the postman? Or anyone who walks by your crystal-clear windows? Your home’s windows are its portals to the outside world, and how you adorn them reveals a great deal about […]

Fighting Climate Change with Style: Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows

Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows

With climate change, global warming and the loss of natural habitats, moving towards sustainable construction processes is more important than ever. Reports suggest that global construction waste will double by 2025 and by then, we might have gone beyond the point of no return. Chemically treated water and wood can poison the surrounding plant or […]

6 Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

6 Advantages of Aluminum Windows and Doors

This is the era of Big Glass. Aluminum windows and doors seem to have caught on the trend and are being adopted by most people. Builders are coming up with more innovative ways to make houses and buildings more fashionable for both commercial and residential purposes.   There are added benefits to using aluminum for […]

Testing Strength Of Hurricane Windows – How to Know If They Can Withstand Impact?

Testing Strength Of Hurricane Windows

Hurricane impact windows hold great importance in places prone to hurricanes and regions with extreme weather because of their capacity to endure high wind speeds, heavy rain, and. Due to the high velocity hurricane zone, the glass of windows can shatter easily. If this happens, the high-pressure winds can easily put a strain on the […]

Quality Materials For Your Windows And Doors

Windows And Doors

When choosing the right material for your doors and windows, there are a number of things you must be worried about. Will the material be expensive? Will your home have optimal insulation? Is it strong enough to protect your home during harsh weather? We are here to answer all these questions—and more!

10 Facts About Aluminum


While you find aluminum all around you—in everything from kitchen utensils to aircraft construction—there’s likely a lot you don’t know about it. Here are a few facts to show you what aluminum is all about!

Aluminum vs. UPVC Doors and Windows


Windows and doors are a long-term investment for your property. Understanding that, we offer some intel so you can make the right choice between the most common options in windows and doors; aluminum and UPVC.

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