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People install windows in their homes not just to bring natural light in the home, but to also make the interior and exterior more aesthetically pleasing.

This is why interior designers emphasize on installing the right windows in your home, as only then will the double purpose of this home furnishing, i.e. utility and design, be fulfilled.

Whether a home is designed traditionally or in modern style, it’s the window that defines the overall style.

This is why choosing the right home furnishing when renovating or remodeling your home is pivotal!

The Different Types of Windows

Finding the right type of window for your home may seem difficult, what with the awesome collection of windows available in the market. Traditionally, most windows used are side-hinged, (i.e. casements) and sliding sash windows. Newer models such as pivot and friction hinges are also becoming increasingly popular.

Professional interior designers and Oridow recommend picking a window that best suits your home’s layout. Many homeowners also choose windows based on cost while others focus on utility.

Choosing Windows Based on Cost

If you wish to take the economic route, choosing a single hung window is the better option. Overall, single hung windows are more affordable than double hung. They’re also the most commonly used.

Choosing Windows Based on Utility

Speaking from the viewpoint of utility and maintenance, double hung windows are superior to its counterpart. Due to their easy maneuverability and tilting quality, double hung windows don’t require much effort to clean.

Double Hung versus Single Hung Windows

Following are the differences between the two most common types of windows used by professional interior designers and homeowners today.

DoorsDouble Hung Windows: The one major difference between the two types is the way window sections on both moved. In double hung windows, both the upper and lower window sash can be raised or lowered accordingly. Each section can also be tilted.

Single Hung Windows: On the other hand, the upper sections on single hung windows remain stationary while the lower sections can be moved up or down. This means when the lower wind panel is moved up, the upper sash is covered (from the inside).    

Specialty Windows

The standard interior options for windows are single and double windows but this doesn’t mean homeowners cannot choose other window types. Check out our collection of specialty windows.

You’ll find that installing a single, but beautifully designed casement window, is sometimes enough to beautify your small apartment. This is because windows and doors, like other furnishings, are just as important when it comes to improving the look of any home.

Discover the complete collection of home furnishings available at Oridow today!



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