Kitchen Pass Through Window

What is a kitchen pass through window A kitchen pass through window is a convenient feature that allows you to serve food or drinks from the kitchen to another room without having to leave the kitchen. This type of window is typically installed in the wall between the kitchen and the adjoining room, such as […]

4 Best Large Windows That Open

Every homeowner likes large windows that open, which not only bring in abundant natural light but also provide good ventilation and airflow. However, due to the hardware’s loading ability, most window styles have a size limit. For example, the width of a single casement window is only about 36″, and the sliding window should be […]

Gas Strut Window VS Awning Window

Gas strut awning windows create a beautiful and natural path from the interior to the exterior of your home. The essential advantage over an awning window is that the gas strut window opens and locks at a whole ninety-degree angle.  Gas strut windows are true pass-thru windows. With no bottom rail or support to get in the way […]

Double the Appereal: A Guide to Double Casement Windows

Double Casement Windows are a stylish and functional choice for builders, wholesalers, and distributors looking to offer value and versatility in their projects. These windows, consisting of two casements that swing outwards or inwards from a central frame, provide excellent ventilation, natural light, and aesthetic appeal to any building. The allure of Double Casement Windows […]

Vertical Bifold Window vs Horizontal Bifold Window

Bifold windows are a popular choice for modern homes and commercial spaces as they offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. They come in different styles and configurations, with the two most common being vertical bifold windows and horizontal bifold windows. While both types serve the same purpose, they differ in appearance and […]

Concession Windows: Elevating Food Business Mobility with Our Innovative Solutions

Fold out windows

Food trucks, food trailers and mobile restaurants have become increasingly popular in the rapidly changing food industry. ORIDOW understands the importance of concession windows in this industry. We are a leading producer of aluminum windows in China and we are proud to introduce our flip-out and fold-up windows that meet the needs of food service operators. Concession […]

Elevate Your Space with Pass Through Windows

With their ability to connect indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly, pass through windows have become a focal design point for modern architecture. This blog post will explore the world of architectural pass throughs, answering essential questions and highlighting their importance. Discover how these innovative windows will transform your project, whether you are an architect, designer, or builder. […]

Vertical and Horizontal Options for Aluminum Bifold Windows

fold up window cost

Aluminum bifold windows are a modern architectural marvel. They are extremely popular because they seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor areas while allowing natural light into your home or workplace. These windows can completely transform any room. They offer versatility and an aesthetic appeal. Aluminum bifold windows can be configured in either a horizontal or vertical orientation […]

Innovative Designs: Using Vertical Fold Up Windows in your cafe

Vertical fold up windows are a fantastic addition to any restaurant or cafe, providing a way to bring the outdoors in and create an open and inviting atmosphere. At ORIDOW, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality vertical fold up windows that can be customized to meet your exact needs. It can fold in or fold out. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Glass Louvre Windows

jalousie window price

Glass louvre windows are a window type that has a frame with horizontal slats that are tilted to let in light and air but to block out rain, direct sunlight, and noise. One can easily use the lever or handle to change the slats’ angle. In warm areas, glass louvre windows have long been seen […]

Why You Should Invest in Aluminum Sliding Doors

Efficient aluminum sliding doors installed in a summer house

Who doesn’t want to make their residential property or office appear aesthetically pleasing and more energy efficient? While there are countless ideas to enhance your property’s style and appearance, we’re hooked on just one: Aluminum sliding doors! Aluminum has become one of the most popular and highly sought-after metals for making doors and windows. Not […]

5 Window Designs for a Luxurious Home Interior

A beautiful aluminum window in a kitchen

Windows are an essential part of any property. They’re more than just little openings that allow ventilation and light flow. Whether meshed, paneled, or grilled, windows perform an integral role in maintaining a fresh interior environment. What’s more, windows can be used to add a luxurious touch to residential properties. Some of the fanciest window […]

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