Innovative Designs: Using Vertical Fold Up Windows in your cafe

Vertical fold up windows are a fantastic addition to any restaurant or cafe, providing a way to bring the outdoors in and create an open and inviting atmosphere. At ORIDOW, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality vertical fold up windows that can be customized to meet your exact needs. It can fold in or fold out. […]

The Ultimate Guide To Glass Louvre Windows

jalousie window_kitchen

Glass louvre windows are a window type that has a frame with horizontal slats that are tilted to let in light and air but to block out rain, direct sunlight, and noise. One can easily use the lever or handle to change the slats’ angle. In warm areas, glass louvre windows have long been seen […]

Why You Should Invest in Aluminum Sliding Doors

Efficient aluminum sliding doors installed in a summer house

Who doesn’t want to make their residential property or office appear aesthetically pleasing and more energy efficient? While there are countless ideas to enhance your property’s style and appearance, we’re hooked on just one: Aluminum sliding doors! Aluminum has become one of the most popular and highly sought-after metals for making doors and windows. Not […]

5 Window Designs for a Luxurious Home Interior

A beautiful aluminum window in a kitchen

Windows are an essential part of any property. They’re more than just little openings that allow ventilation and light flow. Whether meshed, paneled, or grilled, windows perform an integral role in maintaining a fresh interior environment. What’s more, windows can be used to add a luxurious touch to residential properties. Some of the fanciest window […]

Thermally Broken Aluminum Doors and Windows: Yay or Nay?

Energy-efficient aluminum doors by ORIDOW

Let me be blunt – The answer is big fat YAY! Whether you are planning to upgrade your home or just renovate the aluminium door for bathrooms, make sure that aluminium is thermally broken. Why?  Because thermally broken windows may increase your property’s overall energy efficiency. It also helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your […]

Why Doors and Windows Made From uPVC and Aluminum Are Superior To Wooden Ones

Aluminum frame windows

People go directly to uPVC and Aluminum window and door manufacturers to get high-quality, affordable materials for their homes and business places. Homeowners claim that wooden alternatives require high maintenance. In this blog, we’ll see why uPVC and Aluminum are considered superior materials for windows and doors. Durability and Maintenance Let’s talk about buyers’ most […]

Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Windows

aluminum casement windows

Are you in the market for new, better-quality windows? You must have heard about aluminum windows. They have become a popular choice amongst residential and commercial clients amongst other window types. As a homeowner, it’s important to consider all window options before you make your choice. Today, we’ll be discussing important pros and cons of […]

Hurricane Impact Windows: Why they’re Necessary

Hurricane Impact Windows

Around 70 to 110 tropical storms are observed around the world, with about 60 of these developing into full-blown hurricanes. Research indicates that hurricane incidence rates have increased over the past century where events like Hurricane Harvey were expected once in 100 years; now occur once in 16 years.  Areas along coastlines are of course at much […]

Fighting Climate Change with Style: Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows

Reasons Why You Should Use Aluminum Windows

With climate change, global warming and the loss of natural habitats, moving towards sustainable construction processes is more important than ever. Reports suggest that global construction waste will double by 2025 and by then, we might have gone beyond the point of no return. Chemically treated water and wood can poison the surrounding plant or […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Aluminum Doors and Windows

Choose Aluminum Doors and Windows

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your home, perhaps make it more appealing and secure, then we suggest going for aluminum. Whether it’s from a residential viewpoint or commercial, aluminum doors and windows are becoming very popular. They offer a great number of benefits that make them an ideal choice for windows and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Louvre Windows

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows, also called jalousie (the French word for jealousy) windows, consist of an arrangement of materials that include parallel and horizontal blades, slats, and slips of glass or wood. These are structured to allow ventilation and sunlight in homes or workplaces. They are typically used in windows to allow the flow of air and light, hence penetrating […]

French, Sliding or Bi-fold: What Should You Install on Your Balcony Doors?

French, Sliding or Bi-fold

Imagine waking up to the scenic view of your lush backyard or front garden, lifting the blinds, and opening the balcony door for fresh air. There’s nothing better than having a personal balcony attached to your bedroom where you can enjoy a nice Sunday breakfast or unwind in the evening after a long day at […]