How to choose the screws for window and door installation?

What screws are generally used for window and door installation? The types of screws commonly used in window and door installation are generally expansion screws, self-tapping screws, and self-drilling (drill tail) screws. Expansion screws. The external set of an expansion tube uses the movement of the thread so that the expansion parts “open, the outer […]

A Step-By-Step Guide To Fix An Aluminum Bifold

A billfold door with multiple panels

An aluminum bifold is a door that has two panels connected via hinges. The doors come in different variations, including some that have more than two panels. The aluminum door can add a touch of class to your home, but over time, wear and tear can prevent it from closing correctly, leading to a security […]

5 Things to Consider When Selecting Windows for Your Home

Aluminum windows

Which window type will best suit my home?’ This question arises in every homeowner’s mind who’s remodeling, renovating, or upgrading their home interior. The right choice of windows not only enhances the home’s attraction but also helps in conserving energy. But with multiple designs and materials available in the market, this task becomes challenging for […]

9 Reasons You Should Always Choose Large Windows

Bigger windows are becoming increasingly popular in homes and businesses, and it’s easy to see why: they bring in more natural light, enhance the aesthetic of a space, and can even reduce energy costs. This article will explore nine reasons why having large windows is always a great choice. From increasing the value of your […]

3 Ways To Protect Your House From Hurricanes

hurricane storm

Hurricanes are strong enough to rip a tree’s roots out of the ground. Wind speeds can reach 155mph during a hurricane. This means they can damage the siding and roof of your house. A hurricane’s strong winds could also force ocean water onto land, which results in flooding and further damages homes and commercial spaces. […]

3 Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Windows are crucial to a home’s overall performance, design and curb appeal. The type of windows, their size, color, location and material can impact your home’s value and its exterior appearance. This is why you need to pay special attention when picking the windows and frames for your property. Before you pick a frame, let’s […]