5 Tips for Hiring an Impact Window Contractor

Hiring an Impact Window Contractor

Your window contractor is as important as the windows you choose for your home. After all, their skill will translate into how your windows turn out.

It’s a lot of pressure to choose the right guys for the job. How then can we be sure about the contractors we are hiring? Here are some tips revealed by the expert manufacturers in this business:

Multiple quotes

This standard procedure is commonly practiced. It only makes sense to ask around before you settle for a contractor.

By comparing quotes, you can figure out which service is giving you the best value for your money. Three to five quotes are generally enough to make the decision. Make sure your objectives are the same with every contractor; otherwise it will translate in unfair differences in price.


The service industry is generally open to bargaining. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price point but in a polite way. Don’t drive them out before they even begin the work. Contractors are aware that homeowners only have so much margin they can extend over and are understanding in giving you the best solutions in terms of financing.

Credential check

 Credential check

How can you be sure that they know what they’re doing? Always look into the credentials of your contractor. The safety of your family and your home are above anything. Verify their license, insurance, bond, certifications, trade associations, prior work, address, etc. You need to be sure you aren’t signing yourself up for a scam.


Yelp was made for a reason! Always make sure you check reviews online of other people’s experiences while using the service. If you have a friend or family member who got work done with the company, ask them for advice. This is usually the most reliable source of information.

Ask away

 Credential check

It’s your home and your hard earned money; you obviously want the best you can provide. Don’t hesitate to ask contractors if something doesn’t make sense to you. They realize that you aren’t an expert on the subject and require a more “layman” explanation of what’s going on. It’s also a great way to gauge the expertise of the service you are signing onboard.

Don’t sign anything unless you are certain you want them for the job

If the service you are in talks with is constantly pushing you to sign a contract especially on the first meeting, you need to steer clear. You need time to evaluate the deal.


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