Ultimate guide to PVC windows

You Need uPVC Windows and Doors in Your Home

PVC is a construction material that is both sturdy and lightweight simultaneously, which is why it is popularly used in windows and doors. Because of plasticizers, it now has a greater range of motion and is less rigid. If no plasticizers are added, it is referred to as “rigid PVC,” which is short for “Unplasticized […]

Window Safety For Kids

kids looking outside window

Every year many children are admitted to hospital with serious injuries as a result from falling from a window or balcony. These injuries happen often in their own homes and can be prevented with a little bit more care and planning. Children between the ages of one to five are at the highest risk of […]

Reasons to Invest in Bi-fold Security Screen Doors

Invest in Bi-fold Security Screen Doors

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners living in warm and humid areas. While it’s essential to let the air circulate in hot weather through your backyard or patio, security is much more important. From the threat of nocturnal animals and mosquitoes to burglars, there are several ways to upgrade the overall security […]

3 Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Windows are crucial to a home’s overall performance, design and curb appeal. The type of windows, their size, color, location and material can impact your home’s value and its exterior appearance. This is why you need to pay special attention when picking the windows and frames for your property. Before you pick a frame, let’s […]

5 Reasons You Need uPVC Windows and Doors in Your Home

You Need uPVC Windows and Doors in Your Home

You’ve seen many homes now making the switch to uPVC over traditional options for windows and doors. What’s the hype? The main material found in uPVC items are polyvinyl chloride polymer; it is not softened to make it flexible. It features impressive durability and adds a sense of elegance to your home. It acts as a […]

The Best French Doors for Your House!

Best French Doors for Your House

French doors comprise of various window panes, and their main feature is that they allow sunlight and ventilation to pass through open spaces in your home. They add an elegant twist to your house and have a classy appeal. So if you’re looking to go for that perfect historical touch, French doors may be your […]

A Guide To Commercial Office Doors

Commercial Office Doors

Installation of quality doors is an important component of every office. Along with providing security, they greatly add to the visual appeal of the building. Choosing the right doors for commercial purposes is important; they should symbolize elegance and class. They must also have a professional appeal to them, and be an attractive entry point […]

The Jalousie Window: A Short History of Jalousies

The Jalousie Window

The word “jalousie” originated from the French word for jealousy. It refers to the notion of spying through the slats of the jalousie window. Louvered window is a common British English term used for the jalousie window, and is also commonly used in countries like Australia and New Zealand. A jalousie window comprises of horizontal […]