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Interior Design 101: Doors make all The Difference!

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    When it comes to doors, there’s more to it than just security.

    It’s amongst the weakest points of the house; the point where most break-ins tend to occur. Therefore, it is for that very reason that you need to make sure you get the strongest, durable and quality doors.

    But apart from security, did you know that more than half of the interior design of your home lies within the type of door you have? There’s a reason why metal doors aren’t the main attraction for most residents!

    A fancy door works for a fancy house!

    When talking about interior design, there’s one too many factors to keep in mind; you can’t simply opt for a door just because you like how it looks! Here’s a little bit about doors you probably didn’t know about:

    #1: It’s the first thing you see

    Whether you have guests or are the guest, doors are the first thing you notice is the door. Of course, since it’s the entryway into the building, your main focus goes on the design, the feel and color.

    Imagine visiting a yellow building with a bright blue door, that’ll definitely throw off the aesthetics!

    #2: It has to go with the theme

    Whether you do it intentionally or unintentionally, every building is designed keeping a theme in mind. This depends on the building, the type of room, the color scheme, decorations etc.

    All this will greatly affect the type of door you use. For example, in a normal office setting, UPVC doors with Rehau profile provides sophistication.

    However, in the case of patios, aluminum sliding doors go perfectly to enhance the features of the room.

    #3: Doors often keep up the balance

    Let’s say your living room is bright with colors, majestic furniture and aesthetics that is very in vogue. You wanted fashion forward and daring.

    In times like this, your doors and windows do well to keep the balance of the room. Often choosing aluminum materials would do well for this purpose. Opting for subtle doors often brings out the idea of the room in cases like these and helps to make your room look grand.

    Of course, you will need high quality doors to suit your interior design. You can contact us and avail a range of different products at affordable prices. We offer a range of glass, window and door options to suit your requirements.

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