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When decorating the interiors, everyone wants their house to look different than the other houses on the street. We want to move away from those cookie-cutter houses.

From painting the walls in outrageous colors to hanging antique chandlers off the ceiling, people experiment with everything!

But there is a fine line between trendy and tacky. When we try to do everything, we often end up doing one thing: make the house look even worse. Is there a simple way to change the look though?

Yes, there is! The windows of your house!

Straight rectangular and square windows can get boring, but switch them with bay windows, and you’re done styling. A simple trick to solve your interior style woes!

What’s different about bay windows?

It’s not a single window, but a combination of three windows. These are joined together to form a single, larger unit. One window each is set at 30° or 45° angle on both right and left side, while one remains straight in the center.

If you’re thinking about replacing the existing windows in your house or are currently redesigning your house, getting bay windows will be a good choice. Apart from their trendy style, these windows also provide a number of other advantages:

Extra space!

With bay windows, you can add dimension to house exteriors. Besides their impressive looks, these also add a little extra space in your house. Whether these are on the kitchen walls or function as your bedroom windows, you can transform this space as per your needs.

In the bedrooms, you can make it a cushioned book reading nook; in kitchen a place holder for fresh herbs.

More light

No one wants to read books or do anything in the dark. So allow more sunlight to flow in your house. You can switch off some of the lights and save on energy costs too!

The angled windows allow sun rays to break in at multiple reflection angles. So sunlight can penetrate more parts of the room.

Vinyl options

We all know how durable and cost-effective uPVC windows are! Vinyl bay windows not only give you extra sunlight, but also keep the spaces insulated. So extra summer sunlight doesn’t equal sweaty indoors!

These windows will keep the heat out during summers and keep it inside during winters. You save on both heating and cooling costs!

But everything extra doesn’t mean difficult installation. Nope. It requires accurate fitting but it isn’t a huge task for experienced installers. So why worry with inexperienced technicians when we are only a call away!

We are expert manufacturers of uPVC windows and windows! Give us a call at 86 591 8803 7851 or contact us online.



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