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A single window both Bay and Bow can bring dramatic change to your home. These outward projected windows act as a bay and transform the interior as well as the exterior of your home adding elegance. They allow light into your room; add extra leg space and the room virtually appears larger than reality. However, you can easily get confused between them. In such situation you need to understand the minute differences between them and what suits your requirement best.


Here, let us help you with a comparative study between the Bay UPVC Windows and the Bow UPVC Windows;


1.      Illustrating the Style Variation

Before we proceed further explaining the divergence between the two, let us consider the style variation. Bay UPVC Windows may obtrude in any shape hexagonal, octagonal or even square shape in three sections. On the other hand, Bow UPVC Windows comprise of more panels forming a wide curve shape covering a wider angle.


2.      Constructional Permit

Constructional permit is another vital consideration that you may have to think over, especially if you reside close to the street. Bay Windows generally jut out at 90, 135 and 150 degrees from the house. It is seen that Bay Windows project out farther than the Bow Windows.

Again if you are willing to construct a Bay UPVC window at the upper storey then you may have to construct some pillars to support the heavy structure of the window, which is again one of their characteristics. On the same context, Bow window comes with a wider curved look with small separation between the glass panes and doesn’t require supporting features.

3.      Floor Space

Since the Bay Windows project out more than the Bow Windows, so they offer more floor room to you. You can use that space for indoor sitting arrangements plus storage.

4.      Luminosity

Luminosity is another factor that differentiates between Bow Windows from Bay Windows.  Bow windows got more than 3 panels and require less supportive features, thus permit more light into the room than Bay windows. A Bow window around the corner of a room, allows luminosity from two different angles as well as wide unhindered view. But think again, such Bow Windows means less privacy and better inside-view for the outsiders.

5.       Ventilation

Bow windows come with casement kind swing-out opening style, but only a few of the panes could be opened.  There is no space for installing any other opening style and also have to maintain the seamless curved shape. It would get really expensive if you want to be able to open more windows and you would require expert’s help. Whereas, Bay windows are not set closely with space between two sections, which means you can easily open all the windows.

6.       Cost

Cost-wise both Bow and Bay windows are 2.5 times costlier than a similar flat window with same size. The only reason is that, in Bow and Bay windows there are actually 3 or more window panels put together and include intricate installation. However, depending upon the number of panes of Bay Window the cost is supposed to rise up.

Not only, Bay and Bow windows adds personality to your home, but being energy-efficient, helps you to hoard on energy bills … Now with Oridow UPVC Bay and Bow windows you can enjoy cool summers and sunlit warm winters.



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