uPVC casement windows

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Product Features

•Multi-champerd frame and sash extrusions for superior strength and insulating properties.
•Frame and sash reinforced for easy fastening of hardware and increased rigidity.
•Fusion welded frame and sash comers for strength and durability
•Heavy duty hinges that are baked powder coated for maximum durability
•Multi-point stainless steel locking device for enhanced security
•Geared with 4-bar hinges made from heavy-duty stainless steel
•Screens included


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uPVC casement windows

uPVC casement windows are attractive and durable. They can be hinged either on the left or on the right, and they’ll swing open to the outside, or toward the inside for easy cleaning. This type of window is the very best when it comes to providing ventilation for your home because you can actually position them in such a way that they can catch a breeze and direct it into your home.

Casement windows, one of the most common types of uPVC windows, are characterized by an aperture that is free from obstruction and provides an appealing view of the surroundings.

Why uPVC for Casement Windows?

Casement windows made of uPVC are adaptable to buildings of any architectural style or height. The sash of the window, which allows for optimal air circulation since it is attached to the window’s exterior frame using friction hinges or butt hinges, comes standard with the window.

Casement windows are known for their high level of energy efficiency and are available in various configurations, such as side-hung and top-hung.

Why Oridow for uPVC Casement Windows?

The casement windows that Oridow produces are often considered among the industry’s finest examples.

Double hung windows attached to the frames or profiles of the building using one or more hinges located on the side of the window. They may be utilized alone or in pairs within a frame at various points.

These windows have their hinges on the outside of the house. Often, a casement stay is used to keep the casement windows in their open positions. These windows are your best bet when it comes to letting in an adequate amount of fresh air.

To channel winds within the structures, the casement windows may be hinged to open outwardly while maintaining the appropriate angle.

In addition, soundproofing and dust proofing may be found in a double hung window. They assure us that there will be no problems.


DGU stands for double-glazed unit and refers to the combination of six millimeters of glass, ten millimeters of the air gap, and five millimeters of additional glass designed to reduce noise and maximize energy efficiency.

The soundproofing capabilities of Oridow casement windows are second to none. Oridow features a gasket made of TPE, which stands for the thermoplastic elastomer. It is essential to the energy and soundproofing processes that take place.

The production procedure for Oridow involves welding the co-extruded gasket included in the product. This gasket prevents leaks, including water, air conditioning, and other fluids.

A profile for casement windows that have been specifically extruded to create air-tightening technology and achieve zero leakage.

The Oridow casement window has GI steel reinforcing measuring 1.5mm in thickness. The chambers are extruded using technology developed in Germany, and the profile was tailor-made to accommodate the climatic conditions of India.

The Oridow casement window has a poly point locking high-security system as standard for multi-dimensional locking.

Many opening configurations are available for the Oridow casement window, including inward opening, outward opening, single shutter, and double shutter opening.

If you don’t like uPVC casement windows, we provide aluminum casement windows too.

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