uPVC sliding windows

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Product Features
•Multi-chambered, rigid, extra-heavy uPVC extrusions for greater strength, improved rigidity, and superior insulating qualities
•Fully-mitered corners, with glazing bead for additional strength and enhanced beauty
•Fusion welded frame and sash comers for strength and durability
•Brass rollers
•Screens included

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uPVC sliding windows

uPVC sliding windows are available in double and triple horizontal sash versions, and the sashes can be removed from the interior structure of the window in order to facilitate easy cleaning or repair.


uPVC sliding windows are available in a huge range of sizes and can be used practically anywhere in your home or business. You can use just one, or stack as many as you like together, side by side, in order to create a wall of windows.

uPVC sliding windows have frames that may move in and out of the window opening. Sash is the technical name that’s used for frames in this context. Sliding uPVC windows provide unbeatable beauty and ventilation and high-quality frames made of uPVC that cannot be matched.

Why Oridow?

Because we produce all our goods here in the country, we can keep the cost of our uPVC sliding window reasonable for most people.

Windows are a crucial component of a house in terms of its aesthetic value and contribution to the home’s overall energy efficiency. They cover anywhere from 15–20 percent of a wall’s surface area and may considerably influence the amount of money spent on heating and cooling the home.

Oridow Windows is the industry leader in the production of uPVC windows, which are characterized by a considerable improvement in the energy efficiency of windows.

Your house will be healthier, brighter due to natural light, and more ecologically friendly thanks to the reduction in carbon footprint that our uPVC windows may contribute to. Our windows can also make your home more comfortable, lowering energy expenditures.

The installation of uPVC sliding windows has several advantages, the most notable of which are the windows’ small footprint and, secondly, their cost, which is much lower than that of other window designs.

These are excellent substitutes because available space is at a premium in most homes in the so-called “shrinking world” that we live in today. The sliding frames are an excellent choice for dwellings and business places with significant open areas.

They may be utilized for bigger openings with two or three sliding panels on numerous tracks, and as a result, you can select attractive sliding windows for an unbroken view of the outside world.

Oridow uPVC Sliding Windows for Commercial and Residential Purposes

If your business or house is on a higher level, you may consider installing sliding windows. These windows provide you with a wonderful perspective and improve your property’s overall appearance.

They are offered in various colors and dimensions, allowing customers to choose designs most suited to their homes’ aesthetics.

Sliding uPVC windows are famous for their ability to provide expansive and unobstructed views of the outdoors. They can instantly brighten any area, and in addition to this, they are a terrific addition for enhancing the room’s décor and air circulation.

The fact that the uPVC sliding sash windows have airtight seals installed on them and that the sashes glide instead of opening inwards guarantees that the windows provide excellent insulation and make the best possible use of available space.

When picking the track for the sliding windows, you also have the choice to choose between 2-track sliding windows, 3-track sliding windows, and 4-track sliding windows.

The Sliding Window may have two to several sashes, all gliding horizontally on the window’s outside frame. In contrast to aluminum and other typical sliding window materials, these windows’ sashes are mounted on nylon rollers, allowing smooth movement along the outside frame.

The profile’s multi-chamber shape helps limit the amount of heat that is transferred, which in turn helps conserve energy.

Ensuring Quality in Every uPVC Sliding Window

Every one of the sliding windows has been strengthened with steel for increased durability. Sliding windows are one of the most convenient to operate due to their ability to glide open and closed. These windows allow for an increased amount of light and air to enter the room.

Sliding windows can be customized to various hardware configurations, offering a range of locking systems, including crescent locks, handles, and concealed latches. These diverse design options cater to a wide spectrum of project budgets, ensuring flexibility in your choices. The selection process hinges on factors such as wind pressure, specific design preferences, and client requirements. Irrespective of the series you choose, each option meticulously addresses all essential technological considerations.

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