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The premium crank out windows we offer give an extraordinary level of protection under their multi-point locks, in addition to improved views, simplicity of cleaning, and limitless potential in terms of design.

The window has a sturdy barrier that prevents drafts and provides the highest possible comfort level thanks to three continuous seals of weather-stripping around its perimeter.

Crank out windows from Oridow are also constructed using our one-of-a-kind multi-chambered, fusion-welded sashes and frames, which ensure their durability and lifespan. Replacement windows and windows used in new construction may benefit from installing crank casement windows.

  1. A dedicated head offers a cleaner look with better air infiltration performance than units with snap-in head adapters.
  2. The vent lock allows the window to vent partially with added security.
  3. Steel reinforced, interlocking meeting rails provide stability & strength.
  4. Externally glazed, it provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing view from the inside.

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Vinyl crank out windows

Vinyl crank out windows that use easy-to-operate cranks can increase airflow and natural light, provide larger openings, and save money on heating and cooling.

All of ORIDOW’s crank out windows are steel reinforced in both sashes. This ensures optimum long-term performance. Even the strongest PVC vinyl compound available needs full steel reinforcement to maintain this type of performance.

Available in single, double, three lite, four lite and five lite casement window options.

Can be combined with picture and awning style windows.

Features of Oridow Vinyl Crank Out Windows

  • The appearance is sleek and streamlined
  • Hardware for an ergonomically built operation includes a crank handle that can be tucked away.
  • “Washability” of the multi-point locking system. Hardware designed to make cleaning easier
  • Triple compression installation of weather stripping to improve energy efficiency
  • The stunning window design is complemented with hardware that perfectly matches the window’s sash and frame colors and provides a strong lock.


What is Vinyl Crank Out Windows?

A Vinyl Crank Out Window has a hinge on the side and opens outward to either the left or the right. Because they are opened using a handle that cranks the supporting arm of the window outward, these kinds of windows are often called “crank out windows.”

Because the handle folds down and can be turned quickly, our casement windows are simple to open and shut.

A Vinyl Crank Out Window is a beautiful option if you want a window that allows airflow into the room via it. Casement windows are a popular choice for installation in areas of the home that need a high level of ventilation, such as the kitchen sink and the bathroom.

They are also installed over obstacles like kitchen sinks to simplify opening and shutting the cabinetry. In addition, crank windows are usually installed in sitting rooms, near patio doors and sunrooms.

These windows may be paired with specialty-shaped windows to create a dramatic appearance both within and outside the building.

Advantages of Vinyl Crank Out Windows

Crank out windows have the primary benefit of allowing air to enter the room.

A Vinyl Crank Out Window is a good option if you want to enjoy the fragrance of a lilac shrub outside your kitchen or maintain a pleasant aroma while cooking. Unlike double-hung or sliding windows, this type of window opens completely for maximum airflow.

Crank out windows are the best choice for wheelchair users

Consider getting easy-to-operate windows if you have a family member with mobility issues who struggles to open or shut windows. Crank out windows are a good option as they have the crank located at the bottom of the window, making them easy to operate.

Why is Oridow Vinyl Crank Out Windows?

Our crank out windows are built with top-quality materials to ensure their quality. We use VEKA vinyl profile to construct these windows, which guarantees their durability. The window frame comes with a flange flush and block frame, and you can choose the frame that best suits your project. Additionally, our hardware is ACME brand, which ensures that the windows can handle heavy loads and have fast crank time.


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