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The crank out casement is a casement that operates using a crank. The design is similar to a conventional casement window, but it’s the way that the window is opened and shut that makes the difference.

How a crank out window operates:

  1. Crank mechanism: A crank out window has a handle that is usually found at the bottom of the frame. The crank handle activates a gearing mechanism that opens or shuts the window sash.
  2. Outward opening: A crank-out casement window, like all other casement windows opens outwards, pivoting at hinges on the frame of one side. The sash will open when you turn the crank handle one way, but it will close if you turn the crank handle in the other direction.
  3. Secure Close: When shut, crank out windows to create a tight seal that keeps out moisture and drafts. The sash is pressed against the frame of the window, creating a tighter seal when the handle is in the closed position.

The ease of use and excellent ventilation are just two of the benefits that come with crank out windows. When fully opened, they are known for providing unobstructed viewing. The crank mechanism makes it possible to control the airflow by adjusting the amount of the window that is opened.

uPVC crank out windows can increase the flow of air and provide a good deal of natural light. They can be used for larger openings, and are very popular for window openings that can be hard to reach.
Another advantage of crank out windows is that they can be used as a means of egress. This is an important safety feature, and the large sash makes this type of window ideal if you should have to leave your home in a hurry and don’t have access to a door. uPVC crank out windows also offer plenty of curb appeal, enhancing the overall appearance of your home.


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uPVC crank out windows

Features of Crank Out Windows

•Chip- crack- and peel-resistant vinyl sashes and frames
•Fusion welding in the main structures and frames to ensure improved rigidity and strength
•Locking half screen included
•Multi-chamber mainframe and sash to provide higher energy efficiency
•Metal reinforcements for securing the hinge system
•Beveled exterior sashes
•Hardware that’s color coordinated to the window frame

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