3 Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Tricks to Remember When Choosing Window Frames

Windows are crucial to a home’s overall performance, design and curb appeal. The type of windows, their size, color, location and material can impact your home’s value and its exterior appearance.

This is why you need to pay special attention when picking the windows and frames for your property. Before you pick a frame, let’s take a quick look at a few of your options.


A hot favorite among many design professionals, wooden frames have a clear edge in terms of aesthetics and conventional look. Having been used since ages, wooden frames offer a classic look but can be quite high-maintenance.


Known for their strength and durability, aluminum frames are resistant to marring and scraping. Additionally, aluminum frames are affordable compared to wooden ones and are also low-maintenance—not to mention environment-friendly.


Engineered to offer insulation and protection against severe weather, uPVC windows require minimal to no maintenance and are resistant to rot, corrosion and termites.


Price and energy-efficient, vinyl frames are currently the top choice for homeowners looking for inexpensive window solutions. However, vinyl frames aren’t designed to last long and can discolor due to external factors, such as heat and coastal air.

While design considerations are highly important, functionality is just as well. If you want to choose window frames that reflect your home’s architecture and provide maximum functionality, keep these 3 tricks in mind.

Design aesthetic

Every property is designed in a unique architectural style. Understanding that style and picking a frame that reflects it well is the first step in the right direction. If you’re unable to pinpoint an exact style and therefore a frame, talk to us about a personalized design and its imitation.


Not all window frames perform the same. Each has its own pros and cons, so you need to pick one that provides the best performance based on your geographical location, location of the window and the surrounding environment. How will they react to heat and constant sun exposure? Will they dent during hailstorms and against impact? Will they provide enough insulation in the winters? Asking these questions can help you choose the best option.


Are you operating on a budget? Can you afford high maintenance costs for your window frames? The answers can further narrow down your choices. Keep in mind that there are additional costs attached to windows and window frames such as the installation technique, modification of fittings, color of the frame and labor costs, among other things.

Make sure to get a complete quote for the window frames before placing an order, so you’re better informed about the incremental expenses. Want to order custom aluminum and uPVC windows from us? Send us a design and we’ll deliver to you within two weeks.

For more information, you can send us an email at sales@oridow.com.



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