Hurricane Impact Windows: Why they’re Necessary

Hurricane Impact Windows

Around 70 to 110 tropical storms are observed around the world, with about 60 of these developing into full-blown hurricanes. Research indicates that hurricane incidence rates have increased over the past century where events like Hurricane Harvey were expected once in 100 years; now occur once in 16 years.  Areas along coastlines are of course at much higher risks then those located further inland.

With higher chances of hurricane, you should also expect rising costs from hurricane damages —Hurricane Maria alone cost homeowners $90billion across the entire pacific region. The financial damages and the safety risks posed by hurricanes make hurricane impact windows so much more important than ever before.

What are Hurricane Impact Windows?

Storms qualify as hurricanes when the wind starts blowing at consistent speeds of higher than 75mph. Small and large objects alike are thrown around with these winds to shatter entire windows and spray bits of glass around at people.  There is a huge safety risk from the objects that are blown in homes through windows and the glass that’s spread around.

Hurricane impact windows are treated with polyvinyl butral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Once treated with these special chemicals, hurricane impact windows only crack when an object hits them and catch the object. Bear in mind that hurricane impact windows can still break if they’re hit with enough objects, but they still significantly reduce the risk of damage or injury from hurricanes.

Why Should You Invest in Hurricane Impact Windows?

There are plenty of reasons why people should invest in hurricane impact windows, especially if they live in a hurricane prone area. Some of these reasons are:

Safety during Hurricanes

We’ve already mentioned how hurricanes can damage property, but there are a lot of safety risks as well.  Back in 2012, Hurricane Sandy claimed 147 lives in 8 different countries on its own. Of course, every other hurricane has also claimed at least 16 lives over the past 10 years. Hurricane impact windows can effectively shield you from any flying objects that might fatally injure you.

Heat and Noise Insulation

You can choose aluminum as the material for your hurricane impact windows that can improve heat and noise insulation throughout your homes. In addition to protecting you during hurricanes, aluminum windows will also maintain consistent temperatures, cancel noise and keep your energy bills low.

Insurance Premium Discounts

Insurance providers usually ask for higher premiums on home insurance if someone lives in a hurricane prone area. Insurance companies usually claim high risk as one of the reasons for charging higher premiums, but hurricane impact windows reduce risks to your home during a hurricane. As such, the insurance provider will also charge lower premiums.

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