How to choose the screws for window and door installation?

What screws are generally used for window and door installation? The types of screws commonly used in window and door installation are generally expansion screws, self-tapping screws, and self-drilling (drill tail) screws. Expansion screws. The external set of an expansion tube uses the movement of the thread so that the expansion parts “open, the outer […]

How to select insulation for thermal break windows?

In this issue, I will take you through 20 points on what thermal insulation strips are and how to choose and use them for windows and doors. Do all aluminium doors and windows have thermal strips? No, they are not. Aluminium windows and doors are divided into two generations, the main materials are pure aluminium […]

Can frosted glass be seen through?

Many people choose frosted glass for the bathroom to increase privacy. However, can frosted glass be seen through? The answer is YES. Frosted glass can be seen through too. Frosted glass may also be seen Frosted glass is not see-through because its surface is treated with grinding and the rough, uneven texture makes the original […]

All about LowE glass

Low-e glass is Low Emissty GIass for short, is a kind of coated glass (sunlight control, low radiation, conductive glass), and is a member of the building energy-saving glass. The process principle of Low-e glass is to coat the surface of the glass substrate with a multi-layer metal (silver, copper, tin, etc.) or other compounds with […]

All About Caulk

Have you ever heard about caulk windows? It is one of the most impressive inventions used in the construction industry. Caulk is a flexible substance that fills cracks, gaps, or connections between stationary construction components and materials less than one-fourth of an inch in width. If you want to improve the air quality in your […]

All about Sealing Strips

The sealing strips for doors and windows are divided into three categories: glass sealing strips (rubber strips), door frame sealing strips, and wool strips.  Glass sealing strips are used for sealing between glass and the window or door frame, door frame sealing strips are used for sealing between the door panel and the sliding door […]

Window leak repair – what’s the problem? How can I fix it?

Continuous rainy days have caused some people to unexpectedly find water leaking through their windows, without being able to identify the cause. Especially during heavy rain, the situation becomes unbearable and the floors and walls in their homes become water-logged. Therefore, this article summarizes common causes of window leakage and solutions, so that everyone can […]

Innovative Designs: Using Vertical Fold Up Windows in your cafe

Vertical fold up windows are a fantastic addition to any restaurant or cafe, providing a way to bring the outdoors in and create an open and inviting atmosphere. At ORIDOW, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality vertical fold up windows that can be customized to meet your exact needs. Here are just a few of the […]