The Ultimate Guide to Servery Windows

A servery window, also known as a kitchen pass-through window, is a large window that often spanning the width of a kitchen counter or benchtop. It opens up to provide a pass through space between the kitchen and outdoor area. This type of window allows for easy transfer of food and drinks, making it an excellent addition for entertaining and enhancing the flow between spaces.

Why Choose a Servery Window?

  1. Indoor-Outdoor Integration:
    Servery windows are an excellent way to integrate indoor and outdoor spaces. They can transform an ordinary wall into a dynamic area perfect for entertaining, dining, or simply enjoying a breeze during meal prep.
  2. Entertainment Made Easy:
    Forget trudging back and forth with trays of appetizers or drinks. A servery window acts as your personal food and beverage station directly accessible to your guests, creating an interactive and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Maximizing Space:
    By bridging the gap between inside and outside, you effectively extend your living and entertaining space without the need for costly home extensions.
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Design Essentials for Servery Windows

Choosing the Right Spot:

Strategic placement is key for a servery window. Consider where it will be most functional and aesthetically pleasing. Above the kitchen counter or sink often works well for accessibility and convenience.

Selecting the Right Style:

The style of your servery window can vary greatly. Popular options include:

  1. Bi-fold windows feature multiple panels that fold back against each other, creating a wide, unobstructed opening. They are ideal for creating a seamless transition between the kitchen and an outdoor dining area. Bifold windows are available in aluminum or UPVC frames.
  2. The fold-up windows are designed to fold vertically, giving them a distinctive and modern appearance. This design allows for a wide opening without occupying extra space, making them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. There are various series available to accommodate different size requirements, and the option of motorized operation is also provided.
  3. Gas strut windows open upward with the help of gas struts. They provide a unique and modern look, allowing for a wide opening without taking up additional space. You can also choose the motorized operation for easy control.
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Material Matters

Servery windows are made from different materials such as aluminum and uPVC. However, only aluminum is used for the fold-up and gas strut windows. Although the bi-fold window can be used in an uPVC frame, it is expensive and not convenient to make different colors. Aluminum is ideal for server windows because of its durability and ease of customization.

Glazing Options

Double glazed glass is the standard choice for the servery window. To regulate temperature and minimize glare, tinted or low-E glass can be beneficial. In cases where the servery windows are oversized and exceed the size limits, it is advisable to opt for single glazed glass to enhance the durability of the servery window. For optimal glass selection, it is recommended to consult the supplier.

Mosquito Screen Options

When you open the pass-through window, using a retractable screen is the most effective way to keep mosquitoes out. Match the screen frame to the window frame, and choose the right mesh color you need.

How to Get the Most Out of a Servery Window

  1. Create a Bar-Like Setting:
    Adding a ledge or a bar on the outside can turn the window into a spot for guests to sit and chat while you prepare a meal.
  2. Lighting:
    Proper lighting will ensure your servery window area is functional at all hours. Consider task lighting for the kitchen side and ambient lighting for the outdoor area.
  3. Add Functional Accessories:
    Think about shutters, screens, or blinds for privacy and protection from the elements when needed.


Servery windows provide both style and functionality to residential properties, offering a range of advantages including improved connectivity between areas, enhanced ventilation, and increased property value. Homeowners have the opportunity to select from various styles and customize their service window to meet their specific requirements.

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Need a Servery Window?

Consider adding a servery window to your home to transform your living space and enhance your entertaining experience. For more information on our range of servery windows, contact us today!



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