All You Need to Know About Hurricane Impact Windows

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Changes in global climate have adversely impacted sea levels and ocean temperatures. According to the Center For Climate Change And Energy Solutions, warmer oceans and rising sea levels will intensify hurricane potency causing significant damages and deaths. With the rise in demand for safe and resilient housing, we now have impact windows. Hurricane-resistant windows can […]

3 Ways To Protect Your House From Hurricanes

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Hurricanes are strong enough to rip a tree’s roots out of the ground. Wind speeds can reach 155mph during a hurricane. This means they can damage the siding and roof of your house. A hurricane’s strong winds could also force ocean water onto land, which results in flooding and further damages homes and commercial spaces. […]

Hurricane Impact Windows: Why they’re Necessary

Hurricane Impact Windows

Around 70 to 110 tropical storms are observed around the world, with about 60 of these developing into full-blown hurricanes. Research indicates that hurricane incidence rates have increased over the past century where events like Hurricane Harvey were expected once in 100 years; now occur once in 16 years.  Areas along coastlines are of course at much […]

3 Steps To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Prepare For Hurricane Season

There’s still a month till hurricane season is officially over! Though the probability of a thunderstorm isn’t high in the first six months of the year, it can happen. Coastal areas, in particular, need to beware all year round for extreme weather. Don’t waste any time when it comes to preparation for the hurricane season— start […]

5 Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

The beginning of June till the end of November is considered hurricane season for coastal areas of the U.S. Homeowners do everything in their capacity to keep their homes safe during this season and minimize risks of damage. Preparation and repairs take up time and resources. With improvements in glass-making technology, hurricane impact windows have […]

Hurricane Impact Windows: All You Need To Know

Hurricane Impact Windows: All You Need To Know

We are pretty sure you’re well aware of the damage that hurricanes can cause. Without safety precautions, they can wreak havoc on your home. However, with hurricane impact windows, that’s no longer a concern. Let’s take an in-depth look at these windows:

Common Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Homeowners in the Virgin Islands are aware of the extra protection they need to invest in for Hurricane season. Impact or Hurricane Windows are a great investment; they do a good job of protecting your home when the winds exceed 74 mph and threaten to go as high as 156 mph. There are many misconceptions […]

A Guide to Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Guide to Installing Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane season is upon us. And while Mother Nature hasn’t given us a doozy of a storm yet, you can never be too sure when the next hurricane might strike. It’s best if you stay prepared. Gather your food and water. And protect your home against the wind and debris by installing hurricane impact windows! […]

Buying Hurricane-Resistant Windows: What You Need To Know

Buying Hurricane-Resistant Windows

For a homeowner, hurricane season is probably one of the worst times of the year. It’s raining cats and dogs, debris is flying everywhere, and you’re left praying that that debris doesn’t come crashing through your window. However, instead of depending on just prayers to keep you safe, here’s what you do; replace all your windows […]

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Hurricane Season

Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Hurricane Season

Alberto, Beryl, Chris – Hurricane season has already sent us three storms and it will not bode well if we simply wait around for the next one without protecting our homes from the anticipated torrential rain and debris. Prepare your humble abode for this year’s hurricane season by following the 5 crucial tips below!

5 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows

Nature can be unpredictable when it is at its worst. With fast environmental changes and global warming, safety requirements of homes have changed. Different parts of the world have experienced extreme cold and heat throughout the year. This has raised some serious concerns about infrastructure safety and resistance to heat, wind, and water. Home owners […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Your Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

When Mother Nature blows stern, homeowners have only one thing to worry about: To somehow stop the relentless winds and the being carried along from entering their home. Because the potential of damage these elements carry is huge. At times, it can be devastating and earth flattening. Quick…Nail the plywood! And even though nailing plywood […]

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