5 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows

Nature can be unpredictable when it is at its worst. With fast environmental changes and global warming, safety requirements of homes have changed. Different parts of the world have experienced extreme cold and heat throughout the year. This has raised some serious concerns about infrastructure safety and resistance to heat, wind, and water.

Home owners and builders are readily equipping their homes with impact windows to provide basic level of resistance to water and wind damage. But apart from these primary benefits, impact windows have much more to offer.

What Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows (aka Hurricane windows) are made of tempered glass to sustain any kind of wind, water or debris damage. They have the ability to sustain the pressure of an object weighing 9 pounds and travelling at 35 miles/hrs.

The glass is layered and shatter-proof varying in thickness. If the outer layer sustains a hit, the damage of the shattered glass is limited to the outer layer only, keeping your home safe and secure.

Benefits of Impact Windows

Protection Against Storm

Hurricane windows limit the damage to the outer layers and prevent debris and water from entering your homes. Due to the sturdy tempered-glass material and its doubled layered characteristics, pressure of flying objects is mitigated.

Provides Security

Glass strength is guaranteed and you can go an extra mile by increasing the thickness of the glass material. This product is designed to sustain natural disaster, which means it can keep you safe from mere human break-ins.

Saves Money

Some impact windows also have UV-Rays resistance, which helps reflect sunlight from your home. This prevents heating and helps regulate temperature around the house. Better ventilation and insulation allows you to cut down heating and cooling cost. In addition to this, your energy efficiency around the house can make you eligible for a tax cut.

You can also invest in Low-E coating glass, that lets natural light penetrate the surface, but keeps the heat out.

Limit Noise Pollution

The tempered glass layers buffer out the noisy elements in the environment. So, if you have a noisy neighborhood, impact windows should be your pick.

Discounted Insurance Rate

Impact windows and doors provide adequate protection against storms and hurricane, which reduces the risk involved in your house insurance. Many insurance companies recognize impact window as a safety precaution and may offer premium reductions.

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