How To Insulate Your Aluminum Windows For The Summer?

Aluminum Windows For The Summer

Are you scouting for different ways through which you can summer-proof aluminum windows for your clients? If yes, check out our guide on aluminum windows insulation for the summer.

When the heat is unbearable, people scout for different ways to keep their homes cool. Of course, air-conditioning devices gain huge importance during the summers, but it does burden the pockets. Aluminum windows insulation during the summer is a little-known trick for drastically lowering a home’s interior temperature.

Improve the thermal comfort of your home and lessen the load on your air conditioner by installing insulation on your aluminum doors as well as windows. Additionally, it aids in decreasing one’s carbon impact and expensive energy costs.

Wholesalers and builders often seek ways to insulate windows for their customers. The upcoming section would be very insightful if you fall into this category.

Why Insulating Aluminum Windows in Summer a Good Idea?

Windows made of aluminum are quite cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This largely explains why this happens during warm weather and why it happens during cold weather. This may make a home quite uncomfortable during the summer since the cold air within will be forced out and replaced by the hot air outside.

The surface temperature of the inside glass may be controlled, and warm air loss from the room can be reduced by proper insulation of aluminum windows.

Aluminum Window Insulation: Things to Think About

First, determine why exactly you want to insulate your aluminum windows. The overarching purpose should be decided upon before insulating the existing interior window. Many builders do this to ensure their customers can keep the heat at bay during the summer.

Also, you need to check whether the aluminum windows are required to be insulated permanently or temporarily. Finding the answer to these questions will help you choose the right insulation technique and the cost you might have to incur.

Aluminum Windows Insulation Tips

There is a lot you can do to insulate aluminum windows during the hot summers. Here are some of the effective tips that you can follow:

#1. Insulate your aluminum windows using bubble wrap

Bubble wrapping your window is a simple and inexpensive way to combat the scorching temperatures outside. You can use a simple double sided adhesive tape to do it. The temperature inside the home will drop significantly as a result of bubble wrapping.

However, if you are a builder, you might want to consider the possibility that the visual attractiveness of the windows might be lowered. Also, the visibility through the windows would be hampered when you use bubble wrap.

#2. Use a glass film or plastic insulation film on aluminium windows

Insulation glass films have gained wide popularity amongst the builder community recently. This is on account of the fact that they are inexpensive and can be easily put on the windows.

These glass films on aluminium windows can help keep the scorching heat out and thus keep the homes cooler. Glass films on aluminum doors and windows are also known to last long.

Reflecting the sun’s rays away from the window surface using plastic insulating film is an efficient way to keep the inside cool throughout the summer.

However, one primary drawback of using glass film or a plastic insulation film on your aluminum windows or aluminum frames is that they may develop bubbling on their surface. Also, the window film sometimes rolls back from the corner after prolonged use.

#3. Use Low-E (Low Emissivity) Glass

It is possible to maintain a pleasant but cool interior climate by preventing heat from entering the space from the outside. Using low-E glass may significantly minimize the amount of heat that enters homes through window. You can keep the heat out and preserve a cold air even if you don’t have to give up the best possible access to natural light and ventilation.

While allowing a significant quantity of visible light to travel through it, Low-E Glass may significantly reduce the amount of infrared and ultraviolet radiation allowed to pass through it. As a result, low-E glass can provide superior solar management and reduce heat, making it an ideal option that is also environmentally friendly.

The glass coated to have a low emissivity may reflect both long-wave infrared radiation and short-wave infrared energy from the sun. Low-E coatings reflect the heat energy from direct sunlight on the glass as it attempts to pass through. This contributes to decreasing frames conducting heat and helps keep the interior temperature at a reasonable level.

#4. Weather-strip your windows

Sealing air leaks in aluminum windows is what weather stripping is about. Foam, felt, metal, and vinyl is commonly used to summer-proof aluminum windows.

Consider your insulation and airflow requirements before making a material selection. Weather-stripping aluminum windows also help to save energy costs by fixing air leaks.

#5. Use drapes to insulate

Insulation drapes or thermal curtains are used not because of the weight of the drape but rather because of how well it seals. Because they are insulated, the thermal curtains stop the air in the room from escaping through the window and into the area behind it.

Insulation drapes need to cover the area around the window. The insulating curtains prevent heat from escaping through the house’s aluminum frames and into the surrounding environment.

#6. Use energy-efficient aluminum windows

The issue of temperature control via the insulation of the aluminum window frame may also be usefully solved by upgrading it to a high-quality energy-efficient aluminum window. Energy-efficient windows have higher insulation properties. They also help save energy costs and keep the rooms of the home cooler during summer.

#7. Use thermal break aluminum window frame

The frame is a vital part of the window that can insulate the aluminum windows. Thermal break aluminum window frames, along with the double insulating glass, have much higher insulation properties. It can help to insulate aluminum windows during the summer. These window aluminum frames help keep the cold air inside in summer and reduce energy costs.

Is DIY Insulation a Good Idea?

Insulation of aluminum windows requires a deep understanding of window repair and highly specific talents. You could try adjusting the windows according to the instructions from the internet, replacing the seal, or even attempting to seal the slopes or window sill.

In addition, it is very important to understand why this or that step is being taken: you could try adjusting the windows according to the instructions from the internet. For instance, you can try to install a window film yourself. However, it is by no means a given that the time and resources that you invest will bring about the outcomes that you want.

Your efforts and money may be squandered if you do not have an in-depth understanding of the particulars of how the full window frame of a particular brand works. In addition, you run the risk of making the problem much worse and causing major damage since a contemporary window with a double-glazed window is a mechanism that is both sophisticated and complex!


When an aluminum frame is used for glazing, it is impossible to ignore some of the material’s features. Along with its great strength, lightness, and cheap cost, this material also has a high heat conductivity, which is not a quality held in high regard by all individuals.

The glazing contour is subdivided into sectors due to the aluminum profile’s formation of vertical pillars and horizontal transoms. Inside each sector is either a window with operable sashes, “dull” glass permanently affixed, or an opaque panel inserted.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation of aluminum windows achieved by adding a second row of glass is not only the most cost-effective and hassle-free method for preventing the balcony from freezing, but it also offers an adequate degree of sound insulation. This method is also used if it is not feasible to disassemble the aluminum profile utilized in the construction of your loggia.

However, there is a disadvantage to using this approach. It may be challenging to clean a window that has been sealed off with an internal thermal circuit, and not all loggias are designed to support a significant amount of glass. Because of this, very few people make use of this strategy.


Summers are sometimes too extreme for people to handle, so it is important to find ways to keep the warm air at bay. When you install aluminum windows, you have the option to insulate them. Insulation of aluminum windows is one of the best ways to avoid unwelcome heat loss or gain.

You may insulate your aluminum windows for your customers using any of the strategies provided in this article.



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