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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Hurricane Season

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    Alberto, Beryl, Chris – Hurricane season has already sent us three storms and it will not bode well if we simply wait around for the next one without protecting our homes from the anticipated torrential rain and debris.

    Prepare your humble abode for this year’s hurricane season by following the 5 crucial tips below!

    1. Review Your Insurance Policy

    This is in an extreme case if you end up with damages. Review your insurance policy and make sure that it covers rebuilding. Since rebuilding often costs more than what the value of the house originally is, you’ll need to be certain that your insurance provider will offer enough for you to rebuild.

    2. Seal and Secure Your Roof

    A leaky roof can only be the start of your worries, especially if your ceiling starts leaking during a rainstorm (three words: flooded living room). Inspect the roof thoroughly, taking notes of any shingles or tiles that are cracked or missing. If there’s too much damage, call a professional for reroofing.

    leaking during a rainstorm3. Swap Your Regular Windows and Doors

    A sealant is just not going to cut it anymore. To protect your home from the weather elements, switch your old windows and doors for the hurricane impact option. Designed to withstand the effects of the storm i.e. gale force winds and flying debris, these fixtures will work well in shielding your home during a storm.

    4. Clear Out Your Lawn

    Your lawn chairs, BBQ and the odd trampoline—it all has to be stored in your garage. Strong winds can pick up such items. You don’t want to end up with broken furniture; neither do you want your belongings to cause damage to someone else’s property.

    plants5. Know Your Water, Gas and Electricity Safety Tips

    This includes:

    • Do not take showers or baths during a hurricane. Your plumbing or bathroom fixtures might conduct electricity.
    • Turn off all major appliances otherwise they may blow a fuse during a power surge.
    • Do NOT use the kitchen stove as a heater. This may cause damage and produce carbon monoxide gas, which can be harmful
    • Turn off the main gas valve if you smell gas, or hear any hissing or blowing sounds. Do NOT attempt to turn on the gas valve yourself. Contact a professional.
    • If you see any broken or frayed wires, turn off the electricity via circuit breaker or the fuse box.


    Be Smart!

    If you can’t understand certain aspects of inspection – like inspecting the roof or determining whether you need to change your windows – call in an expert.

    We have a full range of quality aluminum windows and doors for sale, including hurricane impact windows.

    Practice the above tips and keep yourself and your home protected!

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