Buying Hurricane-Resistant Windows: What You Need To Know

Buying Hurricane-Resistant Windows

For a homeowner, hurricane season is probably one of the worst times of the year. It’s raining cats and dogs, debris is flying everywhere, and you’re left praying that that debris doesn’t come crashing through your window.

However, instead of depending on just prayers to keep you safe, here’s what you do; replace all your windows with hurricane-resistant windows!

What are Hurricane-Resistant Windows?

It’s exactly what it says on the tin! Hurricane impact windows are designed using 2 panes of laminated glass which are bonded together, using a strong, clear interlayer. Then some airspace is added, after which a third pane of glass is added for further insulation. That airspace is either filled with air or a gas to reduce any heat transfer.

What are the types of Hurricane Resistant Windows?

The types are categorized by their impact resistance. For example, one type—windows made with multiple layers of polyvinyl butyral—is designed to protect against smaller impact. While the other—made with PET laminated glass as well as glass-polycarbonate—is designed to withstand larger impacts.

Are hurricane-resistant windows really worth it?

In the long run, yes! The technology used to manufacture these hurricane impact windows allows the fixtures to protect the house against Category 5 winds and debris. This means your home will be able to withstand such storms without receiving any damage.

This is also a plus point in terms of real estate value, especially if you live in an area which receives a lot of stormy weather.

How much do hurricane windows cost?

The cost varies. Where you live, how many windows you need, their size, the type, and whether you want hurricane resistant doors as well—all these can give you a substantial number.

However, considering their main function, hurricane resistant windows are still perceived as a more affordable option.

What are the Basic Advantages of these windows?

Aside from protection against the weather elements, here are some other benefits:

  • They block almost 99 percent of the transmitted UV light
  • Are much better at sound insulation
  • Overall strength prevents the glass from shattering into larger pieces. If the glass cracks, it products small, spider web-like patterns
  • Several insurance companies offer premium discounts
  • Come in numerous sizes and shapes

Where to Buy Hurricane Resistant Windows

Be prepared to combat those strong hurricane winds this season with Oridow!

Offering top quality affordable hurricane windows, Oridow has a selection in a range of sizes and styles for your convenience!



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