5 Benefits of Hurricane Windows

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

The beginning of June till the end of November is considered hurricane season for coastal areas of the U.S. Homeowners do everything in their capacity to keep their homes safe during this season and minimize risks of damage. Preparation and repairs take up time and resources. With improvements in glass-making technology, hurricane impact windows have made life much easier for homeowners.

Hurricane impact windows undergo a series of trials to test their strength and durability. They are specially designed to withstand flying debris and strong winds.

Here are some benefits of hurricane windows:

They Block UV Light

Direct sunlight damages hardwood floors, furniture and even the paint on walls. When you move your furniture around you realize the fading caused by the sun. This kind of damage is done by the UV rays of the sun. While ordinary windows let these rays through, hurricane impact windows block 99% of UV light from the sun. They also protect your skin against these harmful rays when you are indoors. UV rays are known to damage skin cells and can lead to development of cancer upon long term exposure.

Protects Against Other Extreme Weather Conditions

Protects Against Other Extreme Weather ConditionsThunderstorms can occur at any time of the year and their severity cannot be predicted with complete accuracy. Impact windows protect homes in such extreme weather conditions as well. They are known to withstand extreme conditions like tropical thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes. With impact windows, you no longer need to stand on guard when the weather gets rough. The most important return on investment of these windows is the peace of mind in all seasons.

Sound Blocking

Do you live in a noisy part of town? Constantly being exposed to high levels of noise pollution can take a toll on your health. It can affect sleep patterns and cause hearing loss. With hurricane impact windows, your home is insulated against these loud noises. You will no longer be exposed to the sounds that once drove you crazy. If you live in an area known for thunderstorms, the loud thunder gets muffled too! A win-win for your family and pets!

Keeps Intruders Away

Since hurricane windows are created to withstand impacts like flying debris and strong winds, they are difficult to break into. Having such windows installed in your home can protect it from break-ins and intruders. The glass isn’t unbreakable but it still is one of the safest options available in the market. It is shatterproof and therefore does minimal damage in comparison to normal glass.

Hurricane weather can be long, drawn out. Even if all your preparations are on point, it can be a tough time of the year. Call us to install hurricane resistant windows in the Virgin Islands today. We stock the best hurricane impact windows for your home!



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