Top Things To Know About Aluminum Windows Before You Invest In Them

Aluminum Bi Fold Windows

Aluminum is known for its strength and lightweight. Homeowners are now moving away from wooden window frames and opting for aluminum options. They are functional and require no maintenance while at the same time they are extremely versatile.

Here are some things you should know about aluminum windows before you have them installed:

Window Panes Are More Energy Efficient

Glass is better at insulating a home than any metal. The window panes in your home, therefore, are more energy efficient than aluminum frames. You need to keep this in mind when installing windows in your home. The more horizontal and vertical breaks your windows have, the less energy efficient your home is. The durability and maintenance-free nature of aluminum windows offsets the energy loss.

Thermal Expansion

A gap of over an inch is usually left between the wood liner and aluminum frame. Thermally broken frames can expand due to humidity. Leaving this gap can help with the smooth functioning of these windows. If this gap isn’t taken into consideration, there could be some discoloration or even cracks.

Panoramic Views

Aluminum windows are created differently in comparison to wood and PVC. Slim sightlines are possible with aluminum windows, giving you a greater view. These windows hold larger glazed surface areas which make rooms brighter. If you love admiring the scenery outside your home, these windows are perfect!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Aluminum is seen as the best choice for homes that want a modern feel. If they are installed as is, the metallic finish can give a futuristic and minimalist look. With a number of colors to choose from, any look you seek out of these window frames is possible. Aluminum window manufacturers also make them in wood effect finishes.

Corrosion Resistant

When given a marine sealer finish, aluminum windows become non-corrosive. They are perfect for areas with high moisture and salt content in the air. Coastal areas tend to have these windows. They are also great to install to combat time-related wear and tear as well as environmental. Unlike wooden frames, they don’t fade under direct sunlight.

Improves The Security Of A Home

Aluminum windows usually have multi-point locking systems in them. They also have security features like shoot bolts. PVC and wooden windows don’t compare to the strength of aluminum ones. Having aluminum windows will make your property appear more secure too and hence won’t appeal to intruders. A complex locking system and double glazing is the best kind of security for your home’s windows.

In the past only plain silver aluminum windows were possible. We now stock a diverse collection of aluminum doors and windows in a number of finishes. Call us at 86 188 6010 6121 for more information.



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