3 Steps To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Prepare For Hurricane Season

There’s still a month till hurricane season is officially over! Though the probability of a thunderstorm isn’t high in the first six months of the year, it can happen. Coastal areas, in particular, need to beware all year round for extreme weather.

Don’t waste any time when it comes to preparation for the hurricane season— start today!

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort on your home, you want it to be safeguarded at all costs. Many households have an emergency plan in place for such conditions.

Here are some steps you must take to prepare for hurricane season:

Hurricane Windows

 Hurricane Windows

No amount of preparation can shield your home from the damage caused by severe hurricanes. You can, in fact, reduce the damage with the help of hurricane impact windows. Windows are some of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Standard glass can shatter very easily. Hurricane glass is made specifically to withstand all sorts of impacts. They are tested under harsh conditions to guarantee maximum safety.

Hurricane windows are also shatter-proof. If a certain impact does cause the glass to break, it won’t shatter into a million pieces. Layers of glass are used to create these windows, they are held together by a layer of plastic that captures broken pieces. Having shatter-proof glass in and around your home reduces the damage that can be caused by broken glass. Hurricane windows also protect your home against intruders due to its strength. In addition to all of this, they also block out UV rays, keeping your family and belongings free of UV damage.

Be Smart With The Landscaping

Most homeowners face damage to their houses because of the landscaping of their backyard. Plant pots and patio furniture are often launched into the air due to strong winds, eventually hitting the house. In order to reduce risks of damage, trim your trees and shrubs. The smaller and more compact they are, the better they can withstand the strong winds. This way they are also less likely to suffer from broken branches that become airborne due to harsh wind conditions.

Remove all rock gravel and decorative rocks that you have in your back garden. They can cause serious structural damage to your house in the event of a hurricane. Swap these rocks for shredded bark; it’s much lighter and less rigid.

Tie smaller trees together and shrubs present around your house. Their roots aren’t strong enough to resist strong winds. You might have to assess the position of large trees around your home too. If you feel they are too close, it’s best to chop them down to protect your home and your family.


Property owners must insure their homes under all conditions. If you live in a hurricane-prone area, your home must be insured against flooding, structural damage, and damage from impact. Your home is one of your largest investments, it needs to be protected. Depending on the location of your home, your homeowners insurance may cover wind damage too. Make sure you read the fine print when signing your insurance policy. No one likes unpleasant surprises in times of emergencies.

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