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How to Choose UPVC Windows Manufacturers from China?

Getting new UPVC windows at your home means some investment for a long-time. That’s why, you need to identify the best UPVC Windows Manufacturers who holds a good reputation in the industry and provides excellent after-sales service to the customers.

There are UPVC windows manufacturers all-over the world, so you have to consider one who has shown steady growth for the last few years. Talking about growth, China has evolved as one of the pioneer UPVC product manufacturing country. Still the question remains unchanged; How to choose UPVC Windows Manufacturers? Who is better? Who is reliable enough to invest your well-merited money into?

Here, we got some points that will surely help you get better offer;

1.      Finding UPVC Windows Manufacturers from China – Google can simply resolve all your queries. In fact, there are various B2B web sites focused on the Chinese manufacturers who manufacture customized UPVC windows. For example,,

2.      Check for customer reviews online – Obviously, you cannot fly to China to check on the Manufacturers, but you explore online and discover the best reputed UPVC Windows Manufacturers. Higher rating, more customers’ satisfaction means absolute reliability.

3.      Ensures delivery on time –Take a note of the lead time (generally of few weeks) of the manufacturer and plan the construction accordingly.

4.      Conducts a site survey – In some cases there are local partner-agencies that conduct a site survey for the manufacturer. In case there is not, then you can do it yourself.

  • Measure the brick opening, not the old window.
  • Measure a couple of times at different places and go along with the smallest one.
  • Last thing, measure from outside.

5.      Installation process and after-sale services – Inquire about their installation process, maintenance guides, helpline number and everything. Check for the installation charges and everything related in advance. Never hesitate to ask a question.

6.      Quality Check – “Quality begins on the inside … then works its way out” – quoting BOB MOAWAD. So quality is most important considering factor.

a.       Products With Written Specifications – which ensures you if the product is manufactured following the International Standard. UPVC Windows Manufacturers from China follow EN standard, which is well accepted in China, Europe, Britain and Germany.

b.      UPVC Profiles – type of profiles, fitting, steel reinforcement used in the profile as well as the outer wall thickness of the profiles – you need to know everything.

c.       Security –check what locking mechanisms the UPVC windows manufacturers installing on the UPVC windows.

d.      Impact Testing, Weather Testing – see if Impact and Weather testing had been done or not. Class II Impact test is better than Class I. Again, you have to see if the profiles suit the weather of your country.

7.      Glass – Before choosing the glass, do a little homework including solar radiation, the U-value of the glass, noise-control, safety, energy-efficiency, and everything eels you need.

8.      Guarantee & Warranty – See what the UPVC Windows Manufacturers are offering.  If any repairs required, will they provide it? See if you are provided with minimum 10 years warranty on the profiles and fittings.

9.      Price – Windows are long-term investment so spend sensibly. Go for International Standardized quality windows from reputed UPVC Windows Manufacturers. UPVC Windows made in China are 15-20% costlier than others, but relatively economical.

10.  Be Aware – lastly, there is no better tip than being aware.


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