3 Ways To Protect Your House From Hurricanes

hurricane storm

Hurricanes are strong enough to rip a tree’s roots out of the ground. Wind speeds can reach 155mph during a hurricane. This means they can damage the siding and roof of your house. A hurricane’s strong winds could also force ocean water onto land, which results in flooding and further damages homes and commercial spaces.

The wreckage caused by hurricanes can be astronomically costly. Hurricane Mathew hit Florida in 2016, resulting in a high number (82,957) of property damage insurance claims. The total damage cost a staggering total of over $218 million.

Considering this track record, it’s crucial for homeowners to take the necessary steps to make their homes safe during storms. Hurricanes are unpredictable. However, certain precautions and strategies can help you prepare for the catastrophe at any moment. Here’s what you can do:

Storm Shutters

Installing window shutters can prevent external objects from getting into the house, while also preventing window damage. It’s simple hardware that you can easily reapply if you choose to remove it for a while.

Hurricane Film

If you’re trying to save money while taking protective measures against hurricanes, get hurricane films for your home. This innovative film has gained popularity among homeowners in areas that are vulnerable to high winds and floods.

Hurricane films are low maintenance and easy to install. They serve multiple functions, protecting you from the harsh UV rays and helping your home resist heavy storms. 

Although a hurricane film keeps the window glass from shattering during storms, it sometimes fails to prevent the window frame displacement caused by incredibly strong winds. This is a risk factor that all homeowners must understand before considering films as a protective measure against hurricanes.

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Impact-Resistant Windows

The most effective preventative method to stay safe from hurricanes is installing heavy-duty, hurricane impact windows. Modern aluminum windows are manufactured with strong, durable frames and shatter-resistant glass, which is highly beneficial for staying protected from catastrophic storms.

Most double-glazed impact-absorbent windows do not budge due to harsh winds and intense rainfall. These window replacements can also help you reduce your energy costs by allowing you to save 20-30% of your house’s energy every year. 

Installing impact-resistant windows guarantees your house’s structural integrity and is one of the most promising methods for securing it from unexpected hurricanes.


You can now ensure the safety of your loved ones when a storm strikes or a hurricane hits by investing in the impeccable hurricane impact windows available at ORIDOW, an aluminum windows manufacturer, at economical rates. We would love to help you make your home more storm and hurricane resistant. Reach out to us here.



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