5 Essential Insights into Jalousie Window Price in the Philippines

jalousie window price

Understanding Jalousie window price is crucial for wholesalers and builders in the Philippines. As the demand for cost-effective and durable window solutions grows, construction and wholesale industry professionals must stay informed about the various factors that influence the jalousie window price. This guide provides an in-depth look into the key elements affecting jalousie window costs, […]

Glasses Fogging Up? Uncover 3 Powerful Ways for Clear Views

As modern home decoration has improved, many people have chosen aluminium doors and windows in recent years. However, some have noticed that the glass on their doors and windows is becoming foggy and blurry despite enjoying a quiet, comfortable home. What could be causing this? The fogging problem that occurs in insulating glass is caused […]

Top 3 Pass Through Windows for Kitchen

In modern kitchen design, pass through windows have become popular for seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. These windows not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also provide practical functionality. This blog will explore the best pass through windows to elevate your kitchen experience: Gas Strut Windows, Folding Windows, and Fold-Up Windows. What are Pass […]

Vertical Bifold Window vs Horizontal Bifold Window

Bifold windows are a popular choice for modern homes and commercial spaces as they offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor areas. They come in different styles and configurations, with the two most common being vertical bifold windows and horizontal bifold windows. While both types serve the same purpose, they differ in appearance and […]

5 Best Kitchen Windows For Your Home


The right windows can make a massive difference in improving your kitchen. The possibilities are endless. From maximising natural light to creating seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors, there is no end.  What are the best kitchen windows?  The answer is simple: The fold up window, gas strut window, bifold window, sliding window, and awning window. This […]

Concession Windows: Elevating Food Business Mobility with Our Innovative Solutions

Fold out windows

Food trucks, food trailers and mobile restaurants have become increasingly popular in the rapidly changing food industry. ORIDOW understands the importance of concession windows in this industry. We are a leading producer of aluminum windows in China and we are proud to introduce our flip-out and fold-up windows that meet the needs of food service operators. Concession […]

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