5 Essential Insights into Jalousie Window Price in the Philippines

jalousie window price

Understanding Jalousie window price is crucial for wholesalers and builders in the Philippines.

As the demand for cost-effective and durable window solutions grows, construction and wholesale industry professionals must stay informed about the various factors that influence the jalousie window price.

This guide provides an in-depth look into the key elements affecting jalousie window costs, tailored specifically for a market that values quality and affordability.

Jalousie windows, known for their unique louvered design, offer ventilation and aesthetic appeal, making them popular in the Philippines’ diverse climate. However, their prices can vary widely based on several critical aspects.

This guide aims to equip wholesalers and builders with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring they can offer competitive prices while maintaining high quality and durability standards.

Factors Impacting Jalousie Window Price

In 2023, the average jalousie window price ranged from $175 to $375 per window, with local labor costs averaging around $38 per hour. The cost breakdown typically includes 70% for materials and 30% for labor.

The actual prices of jalousie windows would depend on the following factors:


The size of jalousie windows plays a pivotal role in determining the cost. It’s a straightforward equation: larger windows require more materials and labor, increasing the overall price.

Wholesalers and builders need to consider the dimensions of the windows they plan to purchase or recommend to their clients, as this will significantly impact the project’s budget.

Material Types

The choice of material for jalousie windows significantly affects their price. Common materials include glass, aluminum, and wood, each offering different durability, aesthetics, and cost benefits.

Glass louvers in an aluminum frame are a popular choice due to their durability and ease of maintenance. Meanwhile, wooden jalousie windows offer a classic aesthetic but might require more upkeep.

The cost varies accordingly, with some materials being more budget-friendly than others.

Brand Influence

The brand is another crucial factor effecting jalousie window price. Renowned brands might come with a higher price tag but often offer better warranties and quality assurance.

For instance, ORIDOW provides quality jalousie windows at competitive prices, including a 10-year warranty. This assurance can be a significant advantage for builders and wholesalers looking for long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Window Screens Variation

The type of screen mesh used in jalousie windows also impacts the price. Options range from nylon mesh, the most cost-effective, to more durable and expensive materials like fiberglass or stainless steel mesh.

This choice is essential for wholesalers and builders to consider based on their client’s needs and budget constraints.

Local Installation and Labour Costs

Although ORIDOW does not offer installation services for international clients, it’s important to note that installation and labor costs can account for a significant portion of the total expense, sometimes up to 30%.

The materials, however, constitute about 70% of the total cost. This information is crucial for builders and wholesalers in the Philippines, as they must factor in these additional expenses when quoting prices to their clients.

Excellent Ventilation: Optimal airflow control, ideal for humid climates and rooms needing air exchange.Security Concerns: Less secure due to slatted design and possible entry points for intruders.
Ease of Use: Simple crank mechanism for adjusting slats.Poor Energy Efficiency: Inefficient sealing leads to heat loss and increased energy costs.
Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than traditional window styles.Limited Weatherproofing: Not completely waterproof, vulnerable to heavy storms.
Easy Maintenance and Repair: Small slats can be replaced without changing the window.Noise Penetration: Not soundproof, potentially problematic in noisy environments.
Aesthetic Appeal: Unique design enhances architectural beauty and suits various styles.Maintenance Requirements: Requires regular cleaning, especially in dusty or sandy areas.


Understanding the nuances of Jalousie window prices in the Philippines is vital for wholesalers and builders.

By considering factors like size, material type, brand reputation, window screen variations, and local installation costs, professionals in the industry can provide more accurate estimates and better serve their clients.

As a leading Chinese manufacturer, Oridow is proud to present our premium range of jalousie windows. Combining style, durability, and affordability, our windows are designed to enhance your living or working space.

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