All You Need To Know About Double Security Screen Doors

Let’s have a look at some features that’ll convince you that Double Security Screen Doors is what you need.

Double Security Screen Doors

You should feel the safest in your own house, but it does not mean you should have to give up elegance in exchange for more security.

The increased safety offered by security doors, which often have the appearance of a standard front door but are far more robust, represents the best of all worlds.

You can discover the types, benefits, and drawbacks of different security doors before deciding what would work best for your house.

To What Extent Does the Cost of a Security Door Beyond That of a Normal Door?

There is not much of a price difference between conventional external doors and security doors. People nationwide spend an average of $1,050 to have standard exterior doors put in, while those who choose to install security doors are shelling out an average of $1,400.

Yet, the cost of installation services for a security door may vary anywhere from $600 to $4,600 depending on the kind of door, where the entrance is located, and which security features you want to have installed.

What Property Owners Should Know About Different Types of Security Doors

Do not automatically believe that installing a security door will require sacrificing the door’s aesthetic value. A wide variety of functional and aesthetically pleasing designs are available for use in the construction of security doors for your house.

The openwork steel door is the most typical security door used in homes. Wrought iron and tempered glass are brought together in this design. Several contain design emphases in the form of flowers, filigree, or Spanish-style motifs.

On the other hand, you may also get security doors that look like wood or fiberglass from the outside. These are called “hidden” security doors. Its “mainstream” appearance is deceiving, as it hides the fact that the design’s inside is composed of steel and has reinforced sides.

The Four Types Protective Screen Doors

Things may become very difficult when trying to determine whether you want a security screen double door or a conventional one for your house.

It would seem that in today’s world, each steel and metal work that produces security screen doors has its unique name for what are, in reality, just four distinct categories of doors.

1. Single Security Doors

This sort of double door is the most typical option for a front door since it satisfies the need for security and a basic door. You may think that the only design option for this kind of door consists of vertical bars, but this is not the case.

When you buy single security doors, check for registered trademarks. It is always ideal to buy them directly from a manufacturer since then you will know exactly who built them, and you will be able to receive the greatest warranties and insurance deductible.

Moreover, even standalone security doors may be personalized to a full extent, although this does rely on the firm from whom you acquire them (on account of other various worldwide jurisdictions).

2. Double Security Doors

Double security doors open on both sides. They are just what you need if you already have a double front door, sliding glass doors, or French doors in your home.

Standard double security doors are quite similar to standard single security doors, except for two of them, one of which serves as the primary entrance and another that may be kept shut or opened.

And just like single security doors, double security doors are available in various designs and styles, ranging from the straightforward vertical bar type to the more surface mount intricate floral and heavy duty medallion designs.

3. Mesh Doors

If the thought of installing security doors into your house makes your skin crawl, but you want to be sure that your family is safe, you should purchase a mesh security screen door.

You could believe that mesh would not be able to safeguard your house, but this mesh is not made of cloth or aluminum. Rather, it is constructed of steel. It is not possible to tear it or kick a hole in it. Also, mesh doors come with a detachable safety glass panel with powder coat finish.

4. Laser Doors

Customization of your doors is taken to a new level with the addition of laser-cut steel security doors, which are impossible with standard single or double doors. Custom door sizes became a possibility with laser doors.

The styles of laser doors might originate from templates already created or from templates that you and the steelworks who make your door co-design together.

In addition, you can purchase laser security doors in either a single or double configuration with a powder coat (numerous custom sized doors options can be availed with laser doors).

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Security Doors

Do you plan to work on any of the home security jobs you have been putting off this weekend? If so, one should choose between a standard outside door and a security door. Now is the time for analysis!


Your house will be safer from potential intruders

Installing a security door in your house provides additional protection, making it more difficult for burglars to get inside.

You can construct an extremely cutting-edge entrance

To create a tight security situation, a security door can be outfitted with deadbolts, hidden hinge screws, duplication-proof keys, fingerprint keys, and a peephole.

This is useful if you have valuables in your home that you do not want to fall into the hands of people who shouldn’t have access to them.

Protects you from adverse climate conditions

Doors with built-in security features protect against more than simply other individuals.

They are also able to protect you when there is a storm. Compared to a regular door, the resistance of a security door against high winds and flying debris is much greater.

The just appearance of a security door is sometimes enough to put potential intruders off

Burglars are scoping out the houses on the street to see which offers the least resistance to entry.

When they come across a security door, it immediately acts as a deterrent since the amount of time and effort required to break through the door will raise the odds that they will be caught.

Burglars are also likely to think that a homeowner who is knowledgeable enough to install a security door undoubtedly has other security measures in place. This is because a security door is often installed with other security measures.

Peace of mind

Your security door will never be put to the test in an ideal world, but sometimes life just doesn’t work out that way.

When you shut your door at night, however, you will experience a level of serenity that is absolutely priceless and well worth the cost of the door itself.


Putting up a Security Door Is Not Something You Can Do Yourself

Incorrect installation of a security door might eventually cause it to malfunction.

If you want your door to function properly even when force is applied to it, you should have a professional with expertise in installing security doors.

The Cost

It is reasonable to anticipate that the cost of security doors will be higher than that of ordinary doors. You are in a position where you have to decide what price you are willing to pay for the peace of mind that you want.

Another alternative to having a heavy-duty security door in your home is to put in a security screen door instead. This will achieve the same goal of making your house more secure.

Potential Corrosion Problems

If you go with a steel security door, there is a chance that rust and corrosion may develop on it due to weather stripping. This wear and tear (from environmental occurrence like desert sand), besides being unsightly, might cause the door’s defenses to become less effective over time.

The Cramminess

Security doors do not provide the insulation provided by certain other door designs.

As a consequence of this, they have the potential to make the air within your house more stuffy in warmer temperatures. Because of this, security doors are not the best option for locations that need adequate ventilation.


Hopefully, you can now realize that just four distinct kinds of security screen doors are available. And regardless of whether you go with single doors, double doors, mesh doors (with meshtec screen), laser doors, or a mix of one or more types, being aware of the differences between the various kinds of doors will help you make a buying choice that is far less complicated.



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