Why Architects Love Louver Screens

Why Architects Love Louver Screens

Architects love to create building and home designs using the most stylishly functional accessories.

A good architect or interior designer will always be focused on designing and implementing ideas that are versatile and make the environment pleasant for habitants. That means enough sunlight, ample fresh air and moving space while also safe from pollutants, sound, other outdoor elements.

Choosing the right windows and doors for an architect is vital to enhance the look for indoor environment.

Louver screens help create remarkable infrastructure of a building. Architects have widely been choosing louver for the building designs to enhance the overall appeal, efficiency, performance, safety and comfort.

We’ve listed a few benefits of louver screens which make it a first choice for modern architects for building and home designs.

Wider Opening Capacity

Louvre windows can open twice as wide as regular windows which allows for max airflow. Natural airflow means better ventilation. It eventually reduces your energy consumption, and utility bills.

Easy Maintenance

Louvre screens do not require professionals to perform any maintenance. They are designed to tilt 180 degrees, allowing easy access to both side of a glass which makes them easy to clean.

Slats Are Adjustable

Adjustable slats allow direct airflow. You can manipulate the airflow by adjusting the slats.

Versatile and Stylish

Victorian style or an ultra-modern home or building, louver screens can be added to your windows, doors or patio screens. They come in different sizes and colors. They even make great screens for bathroom showers areas. There are various ways you can implement louver screen in your indoor or outdoor area while also enhancing the aesthetics.

Maintain Privacy

Adjustable slats allow you to maintain privacy. You can add colored or mixed glass covers for added privacy. Latest designs even allow you to shut the slats with a touch of a button—talk about smart technology!

Be it for residences or commercial settings, architects have little to no reasons not to love louver screen.

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