The Three Benefits of Louvre Windows (includes UPVC casement louvers)

aluminum louvre windows

An elegantly designed home balances comfort with style. Doors, aluminum windows, décor items and everything else between the floor and the ceiling work to personalize the interior.

Whether you’re a homeowner or an interior designer, you can find a great selection of doors and windows at our online shop. From aluminum louvre windows to uPVC French doors, Oridow exhibits some of the most tasteful options.

We’ve experienced a growing demand for UPVC casement louvers, in particular, during the last few years. While they’re stylish and versatile, some of the benefits offered are unique to Louvre windows.

Exploring the benefits

UPVC louvers consist of a window frame that can shutter or blind through horizontal slats. This comes in useful to admit light while keeping out rain, noise, and direct sunlight.

Angles are sometimes adjustable with levers or handles. Their benefits include

  • Lets the natural light filter in

These windows are designed to offer great flexibility. Opening twice as wide as regular windows allow light to filter in from all angles.

You can enjoy an illuminated room without needing to pay huge energy bills. Also, you can adjust the blades during peak direct sunlight hours so that the rays don’t directly hit your furniture.

This way, you can enjoy the light and warmth of strong sunlight without needing to pull the curtains.

  • Allows optimum air flow

pull the curtains

With wider opening capacity, Louvre windows also let more refreshing air to come in. This ensures your interiors always have a healthy supply of fresh air, preventing suffocation on humid days.

If you’re living in a windy region, Louvre windows let you adjust the flow too. You can still breathe in the fresh air, without having things fly around your house through window and door of home.

They can even keep rain and moisture out, sliding off of their horizontal blades

  • Easier to maintain

You’d think its various benefits would make the design complex and maintenance harder. But that isn’t the case with Louvre windows.

These have easy to clean surface than regular window designs. You can clean both sides from the inside to remain clean and tidy.

This ease of maintenance makes them a practical option, especially for those of you who want to steer clear of mess!

While all the above-mentioned benefits are universal for Louvre windows, there’s one more if you shop at Oridow. We have ultimate design options, finishes and hardware options to perfectly match your house’s interiors.

If aluminum doors and windows interest you, contact us for pricing and other information. You can also request a customized quote online.



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