Vertical Folding Windows: Transform Your Space with Elegant Efficiency

Vertical Folding Windows

In the sun-kissed archipelago of the Philippines, where the line between indoors and outdoors often blurs with the caress of a sea breeze, a new architectural marvel is taking center stage: vertical folding windows.

At Oridow, we’ve long championed innovative window solutions, and vertical folding windows represent a revolutionary leap in maximizing space, boosting style, and transforming the way we live.

Imagine glass walls cascading upwards, revealing breathtaking seascapes or vibrant cityscapes, effortlessly morphing your living room into an open-air haven. That’s the magic of vertical folding windows.

Unlike their horizontal counterparts, these accordion-style masterpieces stack gracefully upward, eliminating floor tracks and minimizing obstructions. The result? Uninterrupted sightlines, boundless space, and an unparalleled indoor-outdoor connection.

fold up window for restaurant
fold up window for restaurant

Vertical Folding Windows Benefits for Builders and Wholesalers

For professionals like you, vertical folding windows are more than just a product. They’re a powerful tool to set your projects apart.

  • Boost Sales and Project Appeal: Attract discerning homeowners with this unique and functional feature, differentiating your builds and commanding premium market value.
  • Faster Installation, Streamlined Efficiency: Bid farewell to cumbersome single-panel giants. Vertical folding windows come in manageable sections, facilitating quicker installation and reducing labor costs.
  • Unmatched Versatility, Limitless Potential: From beachfront villas to bustling city condos, these windows adapt to diverse residential and commercial needs, seamlessly gracing balconies, sunrooms, living spaces, and retail shops.

Design and Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond functionality, vertical folding windows are a designer’s dream. Here are some unique advantages:

  • Uninterrupted Views and Abundant Light: Expansive glass panels and minimal framework bathe interiors in natural light and offer breathtaking, unobstructed vistas.
  • Modern and Sleek Aesthetics: The clean lines and minimalist profiles of vertical folding windows complement various architectural styles, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication.
  • Space Optimization and Flexibility: Folding upwards, these windows eliminate space constraints, creating a sense of boundless openness and allowing for flexible room configurations.

Installation Process

While offering exceptional benefits, vertical folding windows require a delicate touch. At Oridow, we understand this, partnering with experienced professionals trained in handling these complex systems to ensure a smooth installation of these folding windows.

Let us guide you through every step, from initial consultation to seamless integration, unlocking the full potential of these architectural marvels in your projects.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Measuring Tape
  • Level
  • Drill
  • Screws and Anchors
  • Sealant
  • Vertical Folding Window Kit
  • Safety Gear (gloves, goggles)

Pre-Installation Preparation

  • Measuring the Space: Ensure the window opening is measured accurately. The height and width should be measured from multiple points to account for irregularities.
  • Choosing the Right Window: Select a vertical folding window that fits the measured dimensions and complements the architectural style of the building.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

  • Position the Window: Start by placing the entire window unit into the wall opening.
  • Open the Window Slightly: Open the window a bit to allow for easier access during the installation process.
  • Secure the Window at Strategic Points: Screws can be driven in any place above the side white plate. Pay attention to the section beneath the white slider, which has been prepared with pre-drilled screw holes for ease of installation.
  • Avoid Screwing in Certain Areas: It’s important to avoid securing the window with screws in the groove where the white slider is attached, as this could interfere with the window’s operation.
  • Add More Screw Holes if Needed: If you find that there aren’t enough pre-drilled holes for your installation needs, you have the option to punch a few more holes in the groove.
  • Repeat the Process on Both Sides: Ensure to replicate the same securing process on the right side of the window.
  • Secure the Top Part of the Window: Once you have firmly fastened the screws on both sides, open the window fully and proceed to secure the top part of it. You have the flexibility to drive screws anywhere on the top section.

This guide provides a structured approach to installing vertical folding windows, ensuring secure and efficient installation. Remember to follow any additional manufacturer-specific instructions that come with your window set for best results.


Vertical folding windows are more than just a window solution; they’re a philosophy. They represent a move towards open living, embracing the embrace of the Philippine sun, and maximizing space with elegant functionality.

As their popularity soar, Oridow, your trusted partner in innovative window solutions, is ready to guide you on this architectural journey.

Explore more innovative window solutions at or contact our team for professional assistance and custom window options. Let’s redefine the boundaries of space and style together.



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