The Environmental Benefits of Aluminum

Environmental Benefits of Aluminum

Aluminum doors and windows have become quite popular in the design world, not just because of their aesthetic value but also their ecological standing.

In comparison to the other options, aluminum doors and windows are not only more affordable, but also more environment-friendly. Here’s how!

The Basics of Aluminum

Aluminum is the second largest metallic element found in the earth’s crust, at a whopping 8.3 percent. It’s also the third most abundant element, following oxygen and silicon.

In comparison to wood and other options that are used to make windows, aluminum seems like the best option, given that we have such large deposits of it.

The production of aluminum products also requires the least harmful metal process, which allows it to make a nominal ecological footprint.

Although the initial process is more complicated than your usual construction process, what makes aluminum a viable option is that the metal can easily be melted, molded into the required shape and reformed just as easily; all without losing its structural integrity. Not to mention that the metal is fully-sustainable and non-toxic.

Function of Aluminum for Windows and Doors

Aluminum for Windows and DoorsAside from the aesthetic factor, the overall quality of aluminum makes it more functional and durable.

Aluminum doors and windows can be fitted in any structure, with a number of different materials. And because they’re so easily moldable, aluminum fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, which makes it a great option for all homes, from traditional Victorian houses to contemporary condos.

These windows and doors also help improve heat gain and loss, especially if you pair them with thermal bricks. The construction and chemical structure of the metal makes that possible. Lastly, the overall strength of aluminum makes it a safer choice, whether you use it for residential or commercial properties.

Choosing Aluminum Doors and Windows

At Oridow, we specialize in the construction, manufacture and supply of quality aluminum windows and doors for property owners around the world.

Our products are available in a variety of styles and sizes, constructed according to your needs, and that of your property. So whether you’re looking for simple aluminum frame windows, awnings or sliding doors and more, you can bet that we’ll have everything you need!

Look through our product listing. And if you can’t find what you need, call us on 86 188 6010 6121. We’d be happy to help!



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