Questions To Ask When Buying Aluminum Windows And Doors

Questions To Ask When Buying Aluminum Windows And Doors

When making a big purchase for your home, you should know everything about the products you’re investing in and how beneficial they will be to you in the years to come. Why rely on a contractor’s website or flyer for information?

It’s always advised to do your own research before making any decision when it comes to home improvement.

If your task at hand is to install aluminum doors and windows, here are some questions to ask your contractors so that you can get the best one for the job:

On average how much time do you take to complete a job?

Construction jobs are often seasonal. The time taken can, therefore, differ from one job to another.

What usually happens with construction work is that the work doesn’t start until long after the contract is signed. The type of job and the materials needed also affect the start date. If a particular job requires non-standard colors or specific types of fixtures, it can take longer to procure the materials.

When talking to the contractor, you will find that most of them give you a date further than what you anticipated, probably because they are completely booked till then. In exceptional cases, you might find a contractor willing to start immediately. That could mean either of two things— they are either not good at their job or they had someone cancel after booking their services.

Make sure to keep an eye out for contractors who prefer working over another client. It shows their biased attitude and unprofessionalism.

Can you show me some references?

It isn’t a good sign if a contractor is hesitant when it comes to references. A contractor who is good at their job will be proud of their references. They know that the service they provide is good and their references are witness to it. You can then go on to contact those references.

Satisfied clients will take time out of their day to praise a particular contractor’s work. Be sure, when talking to the references, to ask about things that went wrong.  Understanding how a particular contractor deals with such situations is crucial.

What preparation would I have to do?


You must know your part in the installation process. You need to be made aware if any preparations are expected from your end. Do you need to move your furniture to the side of the room? Should you move your car from the driveway to make space for their equipment? Should you keep your pets in another part of the house? All such questions are important to ask.

A good contractor will inform you of the work you need to get done before they arrive. Initiating these questions yourself will keep any unpleasant surprises at bay.

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