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All You Need To Know About Aluminum Windows

With the changes in technology and style, it’s hard to keep up with the new trends in interior designing and home décor.

If you’re looking to install new windows in your homes or offices, let us help you choose a practical and aesthetically pleasing option, i.e. aluminum windows.

What Are Aluminum Windows?

Made from a pliable aluminum material, these window frames are designed to be long-lasting, strong and durable. They are the most widely used window frames in the last few decades.

Though aluminum is considered to be a great conductor of heat, the advanced technology of thermal breaks provides an excellent deterrent to the heat flow.

The thin and strong aluminum frames allow for a larger glass option to be placed on the window. This opens up the space and blends the outside environment with the inside quite naturally.

Types of Aluminum Window Designs

There are many different style and design options of aluminum windows that can be incorporated in the interior space. Let’s look at some of the unique features of the different types of aluminum windows.

Aluminum Casement Windows

Aluminum Window Designs

A perfect fit for any traditional or modern home design, aluminum casement windows are practical and eye-catching. Their function and style are inspired by the architecture of the great historic medieval era.

The upkeep is simple and effortless. Perfect for small spaces, they enhance the quality of life and allow for great natural ventilation.

Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

Similar to the casement design, aluminum tilt and turn windows offer great views out of their large frames. They are ideal for big homes with large window panes. They are easy to clean as their opening options are extremely versatile. The unique design offers control of air flow and the top opening is a great security feature.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminum sliding windows are a popular choice amongst builders due to their strength and flexible design. It’s easy to function as the vertical panes slide open offering a contemporary look to homes. They don’t use any additional interior or outer space as they slide open within the window frame. It allows light air to continuously flow through.

Aluminum Bi Fold Windows

Aluminum Bi Fold Windows

Available in a variety of colors and glass options, these modern aluminum bi-fold windows greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes. Their appearance is elegant and has a smooth operating function. The windows roll out and fold inwards and outwards by means of a top roller that is concealed in the window structure.

Why Choose Aluminum Windows?

They are lightweight, rust resistant and easy to maintain. Their energy and cost efficiency make them the perfect option for any building design.

At Oridow, we offer a wide collection of aluminum window designs. Visit our website to check out the different styles of aluminum windows or call us at 188 6010 6121 for a detailed aluminum window cost inquiry.

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