Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying UPVC Doors and Windows

Before the builder declares the site complete, inspecting the uPVC doors and windows installations is crucial. Before the handover, you can evaluate the works’ quality and suitability with a few simple cross-checks.

Aesthetics, functionality, the longevity of uPVC windows and doors, and the quality of the materials are crucial aspects of the construction industry. Judgment or inspection of the uniformity of the craftsmanship is also required.

Moreover, the energy efficiency of the windows must also be checked.

The following are suggested checks for your new uPVC doors and windows to avoid common mistakes.

The Most Common Installation Errors With UPVC Doors and Windows

Incomplete Knowledge of the Price

If you have never purchased or installed UPVC doors and windows before, it can be difficult to determine how much you should give the installer or supplier.

Generally speaking, the price of uPVC doors and windows is subject to the uPVC profile, hardware and glass you choose.

1. uPVC Profile

German-made uPVC profiles, such as VEKA, are known for their superior quality, but come at a higher price compared to Chinese-made uPVC profiles, such as CONCH. While the two types of profiles have similar qualities, there may be differences in their structure. ORIDOW provides uPVC doors and windows in both German and Chinese uPVC profiles to meet different budgets.

upvc profile

2. Hardware System

There are two main differences to consider when choosing hardware for uPVC doors and windows: the brand and the price. ROTO hardware is generally more expensive than the Kinglong brand. For standard window types, like casement and sliding windows, where a high loading capacity is not required, there is not much difference in quality between the two brands. However, if you need french doors in large sizes and with thick glass, it is highly recommended to use ROTO hardware due to its good loading ability. Keep in mind that the ROTO brand may have a long delivery time as the Chinese branch needs to get the products from the head office in Germany. If some of the hardware is not in stock, it may take a while to receive them.

bifold windows

3. Glass

Glass makes up 90 percent of a window, so it has a significant impact on the energy efficiency of uPVC doors and windows. There are several types of glass available, ranging from simple 5mm or 6mm glass to double glazed, triple glazed, hurricane impact, and LowE glass. The type of glass you choose will significantly affect the price of uPVC doors and windows.

reflective glass
reflective glass

4. Window Types

There are different types of windows available that come at different prices. The fixed windows are the most affordable ones as they don’t require any hardware system. The sliding windows are also cheaper because they come with simple hardware. However, casement or tilt-turn windows are more expensive due to their complex hardware system.

Try to locate a reliable business that installs windows at a reasonable price per square feet to save money.

uPVC doors and Windows

Failure to Pick Appropriate Window Styles

When selecting UPVC doors and windows, it is not advisable to base your choice solely on the price. The first factor to consider should be the function that you require for the window and its location. In addition, it is important to take into account the energy efficiency of the door or window, as well as any relevant local government requirements.

A knowledgeable provider of UPVC doors and windows will be able to recommend a few options and prices per sq ft that will work with your current decor.

Utilizing Inappropriate Resources

Some manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows continue to cut corners and use low-quality components to increase profits. Amongst them, the rivalry is fairly stiff, just as in the wooden windows market.

It’s important to consider the purity of the materials used in the products you install in your house if you want them to last. High-quality unplasticized polyvinyl chloride is used to make long-lasting energy efficient windows and doors.





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