A Step-By-Step Guide To Fix An Aluminum Bifold

A billfold door with multiple panels

An aluminum bifold is a door that has two panels connected via hinges. The doors come in different variations, including some that have more than two panels.

The aluminum door can add a touch of class to your home, but over time, wear and tear can prevent it from closing correctly, leading to a security issue.

Here’s what to do in order to fix such an issue:

Step 1: Check the door’s frame to see if there’s any debris in it. The debris may be causing an issue in the door’s sliding mechanism, thus preventing it from closing.

Step 2: Open and close the door slowly to see if you can detect broken parts throughout the frame. It’s possible that one of the springs may have been damaged.

Step 3: See if the doors have swelled up, preventing them from fitting inside the frame when closed.

Step 4: Use lubricants such as oil on the joints of the door and its lock. This may clean out any dust stuck in between the door and can help close the door more easily. Make sure that the lubricant you use is safe to use with an aluminum door.

Step 5: Ensure that the hinges of the doors are aligned with each other. If both hinges aren’t moving together, that could lead to one door closing before the other, leaving a space between them. You can use a hex key to align both hinges.

Step 6: If the door isn’t able to create a secure seal on all sides, then the panel’s height may need to be adjusted. Use tools such as wrenches to loosen up the hinges and then readjust the doors until you’re able to find the ideal alignment.

Step 7: Step back and take a look at the frame from a distance. You may notice a dent or damage somewhere in the panels, the sills, or the threshold of the door.

Step 8: Finally, if you haven’t noticed any issues using the above steps, you will need to remove the door from the frame entirely and get them repaired. This will also better allow you to inspect and clean the frame.

building with multiple aluminum doors

If you’ve gone through the process and are unable to resolve the issue, you may need to buy new aluminum bifold doors.

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