Repair Vs. Replace a Glass Window

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When a glass window is leaky, cracked, foggy, or broken and not working properly, you may start thinking about whether you should repair or replace it. It’s a tough decision, but many house owners tend to try and make endless repairs instead of considering replacement.

When’s the Right Time to Repair Your Window?

The right time to repair a window is the one when any of the following issues occur:

·        Broken or Cracked Glass

How much the crack affects our view and possible safety concerns are the major factors that should affect your decision. When the glass is broken, and it’s affecting your view, then a repair is usually in order. Single pane windows can be affordably and effectively repaired by getting in touch with us.

·        Damaged Mullions or Muntins

Repairing windows is necessary when there is a split muntin or mullion. These structural parts of the window are essential to holding your window in place — which is why moderate damage requires immediate repairs.

·        Absent or Rotting Drip Cap

A drip cap works as an exterior shield of a window. This can be repaired easily by our team. All you need is a rust-free and rot-free aluminum drip cap and an expert to install it.

When’s the Right Time to Replace Your Window?

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Replacing windows is expensive and requires expertise —but before you make any decision, here are a few scenarios where you may have no other choice:

·        Chronic Fogginess on Windows

Severe water condensation causes fogginess on the inside of your windows. Having a triple-paned IGU (insulated glass unit), double-paned or insulated gas unit can help get rid of this problem.

We offer advanced self-sufficient windows built with aluminum. The added seal on your window protects it from chronic mist via its thermal performance.

·        Structural Issues

Is the outside structure of your window damaged? That means its time to replace it with a new one. Usually, the issue occurs due to poor shape, which could be because of the siding, studs, and insulation.

A well-manufactured window will keep your house warm and insulated for more than a quarter-century, which is why you should switch to using our windows if your current windows got damaged far too soon.

Moreover, if you need a window replacement, look no further, get in touch with us. We offer high-quality, reliable, and affordable solutions. After years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge regarding aluminum windows manufacturing services



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