The What, Why, and How of French Doors

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French doors are distinguished by two doors that open from the middle of the frame outward. A lot of natural light can travel through the door because it is often glazed with toughened glass. French doors can be used internally and externally, typically as doors open onto patios.

French doors are a very popular alternative to sliding patio doors because of their elegant, creative design (such as grille styles), which allows for a wide opening that is great for ventilation and fostering a sense of openness in the room.

Characteristics of French WIndows

The majority of French doors have the following crucial characteristics, despite slight variations:

  • a middle-opening double door design options
  • panels made of transparent glass that have either single or double glazing
  • a clear opening, though in some cases, there might be a central mullion

French doors come in a wide range of sizes, and some people will install multiple French doors side by side to completely close off a particularly large opening. For large or small openings, customized door sizes are also available. Although they don’t typically have a central mullion, French windows work on the same principles as French doors.

French doors are described as “A door of light construction, typically in pairs, comprising glass panes that extend up to most of its length” by the American Heritage Dictionary. Another name for them is French windows.

French doors have two portions that open and close in the middle and are supported by hinges located on the opposing edges of the door frames. Single or separate panes of glass that are framed inside the muntins can be used to create them. Without a middle post, French doors open up the entire doorway.

French doors installed in a residential property

A Brief History of French Doors

The French Doors were influenced by the Italian Renaissance styles, despite the name. When France defeated Italy in battle in the late 16th century, the country brought back more than just bragging rights; it also brought with it a variety of Italian works of art and an understanding of the architectural influences of the time. 

French Patio Door Style of Past

The first French doors were crafted from wood and had Renaissance-era hallmarks such as symmetry, proportion, regularity, geometry, and, with the advent of the glass industry, illumination.

Between 1949 and 1559, France and Italy were at war and bitterly antagonistic to one another. Common names for this conflict include the Great Wars of Italy and the Italian Wars.

The French occupiers and their leaders found much to admire in Italy’s artistic and architectural traditions. As a result, the French adopted several Italian architectural styles in their own country.

They brought back with them new ideas, including a double-paned window and door design that maximized fresh air, symmetry, and natural light.

Double windows and doors, modeled after an Italian architectural style, were commonly employed in France to create balconies.

As a result, spaces that would have been stuffy and dark could now be illuminated and aired out. Before the advent of electricity, this served an important function.

Adaptaion of French Windows by Britain

Throughout the 1600s, these entrances began appearing in Britain. Eventually, they made their way to America and Australia. They became known as French doors after they began appearing in homes outside of France.

It’s common in the UK to speak to double wooden doors when talking about French doors, while in the US and Australia, people usually mean doors with glass panes.

The doors were originally made of wrought iron and wood, but over time, glass and other materials were added to make them more ornate. Following a surge in demand, they eventually made their way to other countries like England by the close of the 17th century. 

Modern French Windows

These days, you can pick your French door’s design from various options. They work well in any room but are most common in those that lead to balconies or other outside spaces.

Due to their ability to let in lots of natural light—especially useful before the widespread availability of electricity—French doors quickly gained popularity as a design element across Europe, where they were originally used to access balconies.

green plant beside glass window

Here Are Some Advantages Of Hinged French Patio Doors:

French doors’ primary benefits lie in their sleek design, straightforward setup, and user-friendly nature. French doors provide a number of advantages over more conventional alternatives. Bi-fold and patio doors are two examples of the more conventional door types.

Hinged French patio doors are more popular than other types of doors (like sliding patio door) because they are uniform in appearance, inexpensive, and simple to set up. The doors are made up of several panes of glass, so they let in plenty of natural light without hampering the usability of any of the available doorway areas.

Other things to think about when installing French patio doors

How much you spend on doors will be determined by several factors, including the quality of the doors you choose and the size of the opening into which they will be set. Due to the required locking mechanisms and hardware, sliding or bi-fold doors are the more economical choice for covering a large aperture.

You may choose to add sidelights or more windows to your French doors. French doors are a popular choice but aren’t ideal for small doorways.

Having complete access to the width of the space while the French doors are wide open is a must. A maximum opening with both doors open would be roughly 1800 mm wide. However, this is still constrained by the maximum leaf size (often around 900 mm).

For homes with little interior or exterior space, having access to the entire entrance width is a huge plus.

Safety Aspect

For added safety, most French doors will feature several locking mechanisms. These fasten the door frames together and seal the gap between them, making the joint between the doors much more secure. A strong wind can cause damage to French doors, such as cracking if the doors are blown back too far.

If you’re worried about break-ins, strengthening the glass panels is another option to consider. As whole, French doors offer a high level of protection for your home, just like a transom window.

The performance of your home can be improved by the addition of French doors with double-glazed window panels. So your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll save money on heating expenditures.

No worries about daytime lighting, either. If needed, Curtains can be hung over French doors more easily than other outside doors.

Here Are Four Things About French Doors That You Probably Didn’t Know:

They are Basically Windows

French doors were once merely windows, after all. As a result of the many transparent or translucent panels present, they perform similarly to windows. They can also serve as sizable double-casement windows to let in as much light as possible.

French doors that are utilized as windows typically lack a separator or center mullion. They can now have a larger, unhindered opening as a result. To prevent water seepage, their frame typically needs weather strips at the floor and where the door meets the frame.

Living in Harmony Indoors and Outdoors

like roomy surroundings? French doors are wonderful! They first provide simple indoor-outdoor accessibility. The entire entryway opens once swung open, producing a roomy arrangement. This creates a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors.

The second benefit is that they offer a sense of outdoor-indoor living, which is perfect for people who want to constantly be linked to the beautiful outdoors because they permit natural light, ventilation, and 24-hour outside vistas.

Symmetry Versatility (Fiberglass French Patio Doors)

French doors frequently have symmetrical designs, making them suitable for various interior design motifs. French doors go well with all styles, whether they are contemporary, medieval, retro, or vintage.

They provide slick exterior vistas. This is why architects and interior designers frequently use them to integrate external views into the architecture of homes. Additionally, they can be built from a variety of materials, like aluminum, wood, or uPVC, further increasing their capacity for flair.

Increase the Lighting Within

Sunlight enters through French doors in astonishing quantities. This gives the interiors an impression of brightness that artificial lighting cannot. Additionally, the door’s shadows when it is closed can give your interior space a dramatic feel.

Your environment also benefits virtually from consistent streams of natural light coming in. Adding French doors might appear larger and more open than it is.

Use French Door Ideas to Inspire You

Patios and balconies are frequently accessed through French doors. However, they do equally well inside. Semi-open floor plans are popular right now. A sliding patio door is appropriate for it as well. Use them in the hallways or as room dividers to separate your kitchen from your living area. Additionally, they’ll make the lighting conditions better.

For dual access points, internal sliding French doors can be effective. French sliding doors can take the place of walls and provide comparable functionality, especially for open plans. Place one door in front of the other to make a clean eye line. The layout will appear larger as a result.

hallway between glass-panel doors

Up Your Decor With French Doors

Do you want to improve the energy flow between your home’s interior and exterior? It’s possible that French doors are the missing piece of the puzzle. “French patio doors are a beautiful and practical method to let natural light into your home while enhancing its aesthetic value. When opened, hinged patio doors function like windows, letting in natural light and enhancing the scenery outside,” architect Joshua Smith claims.

What Is The Size Of A Typical French Door?

Exterior French door sets often come in the following standard dimensions:

120, 150, or 180 cm wide, 300 cm with sidelights, and 2100 mm tall 

Are French doors simple to break into?

No, they’re not.

With all their built-in security elements, French doors will make your home virtually impregnable. Reputable manufacturers’ French doors meet PAS 24 security standards and have rust-proof locks that reinforce the doors at various points. Additionally, the cylinders used in their locks are proof against picks, drills, and bumps.

Are There Any Drawbacks To French Doors?

The French door design has a lot of tempting qualities, but there are also some drawbacks in specific situations. French doors might not be a smart choice in some design contexts. 

French doors have some drawbacks, including the following:

You need many areas to move the doors from closed to open positions because they open outward in this type of construction. French doors may not be appropriate for small patios or balconies because of this, especially if outdoor furniture is present.

Privacy may be difficult for French doors in some locations due to the abundance of light and glass. It is feasible to use blinds or curtains for privacy, but unlike sliding patio doors, it is more difficult to use the entrance while keeping seclusion by simply sliding the door open a small amount.

French doors energy efficient

French doors struggle to perform well in terms of retaining heat during the winter because of the volume of glass they contain. Double glazing can help with this, although large doors with extensive glazing will cost more.

When purchasing, it might be challenging to determine the size of French doors you require. Pre-made French doors may not fit your area because they have fixed dimensions. You might need professional installation for it, and getting custom-sized doors might be very expensive.

While there are negatives to practically every style of door, the primary drawbacks mentioned above will impact your decisions.

In Summation

French doors have come a long way and are used widely today to enhance both the inside and outside of homes.  The premium design, increased illumination, improved ventilation, and low energy consumption of these doors make them stand out from the crowd. The best part is that these entrances are really welcoming to outsiders and an aesthetic asset to your home.

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