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The What, Why, and How of French Doors

We’ve heard many people ask the same question, “Are French doors actually from France?”

And if you’re one of them, you’re in the right place.

French doors are extremely versatile and beautiful. They can be a gorgeous addition to your patio, home entrance, interior, and even commercial buildings. As a true amalgamation of modern and historic design elements, French doors never fail to disappoint modern buyers.

ORIDOW is a wholesale aluminum windows and doors manufacturer and exporter. We’re extremely well-versed and skilled in crafting excellent products for residential and commercial properties. And French doors are one of our most popular products.

From improved privacy to elevated aesthetic appeal, French doors are proven to add some glam, drama, and lots of style to your interior. Whether you want to revamp your home’s entryway or want to give your office a quick spin, French doors might be the best option for you.

But do you really know what French doors are?

Digging Deeper

French doors are typically paneled double doors that can swing open to your room, garden, patio, office lobby, and entryways. They are easily installable and usually designed with glass panels. French doors are considered a more preferable addition to private and public conservatories. They contain a fundamental edging with manifold see-through panes.

French doors come in pairs and are deemed quite luxurious due to their smooth finish and sleek finish. French doors tend to be a preferred choice of ORIDOW’s customers due to their affordability, clean look, and easy installation. They don’t just enhance spaciousness, but also bring lots of fresh air in without clogging the space.

The History of French Doors

Now that you’re all brushed up about the meaning of French Doors, it’s time to answer the most asked question. From what the sources and facts reveal, French doors were first made in the southern France during mid-end Renaissance period in the late 17th century.

The style became dramatically popular across the country and was even adopted by many in other European countries. Today, if you visit France, you’ll definitely notice French aluminum and steel doors in almost every building.

French doors installed in a residential property

So yes, we can say that French doors are indeed, French. They were initially preferred for balconies and patios due to their clean and airy look. Since in the old times, people didn’t have electricity, they tried enhancing ventilation and natural light flow by using French doors. As technology progressed and electricity became available, people started using French doors for aesthetic purposes.

Today, much smaller versions of original French doors are sold in the market. However, if you’d like to add the classic French touch to your property, our team at ORIDOW can customize large French doors with wide glass panes.

Symmetry and Sleekness: The Essence of French Doors

Probably the most noticeable feature of French doors is their symmetrical look and sleekness. In the Renaissance period, symmetrical and geometrical designs were very popular. Hence, French doors are also an epitome of simple and plain metal frames. Their design is heavily focused on glass that helps in inducing light and air.

This also offers you the freedom to customize French doors according to your property style and size. You opt for a single hinged French aluminum door or go bold with double or even multifold French doors.

green plant beside glass window

While French doors were originally made with solid iron and wood frames, today, you can opt for lighter and more efficient versions such as French aluminum doors. These are not only easy to install, but very lightweight yet durable. You can also opt for our UPVC doors and window options to cut down as much as 30% of your property’s total energy costs.

What’s more, you can choose to get your aluminum French doors lined with our hurricane impact resistance tempered glass. This can maximize your property’s safety while enhancing its interior and curb appeal. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference. From increasing floor space to improving the weatherproofing effect, French doors can offer you multiple benefits.

French Door Designs

French doors are simple and unique in design, but still quite customizable. At ORIDOW, you can get your aluminum French doors customized however you like. We can design and create the best French doors with your chosen glass type, material, finish, and size.

As a leading aluminum door and window manufacturer and exporter, we also make custom fits with enclosed, sliding, folding, and swing open designs. From inswing to outswing, numerous options are available at your disposal.

Let’s talk about the most beautiful and popular French door designs:

1.    Traditional

Classic yet contemporary, traditional iron doors are an epitome of grace, sleekness, and the true French vibe. They feature raised panels with glass panes in even number. Your traditional French door can either have two glass panes or as many as sixteen or twenty, depending on the size and personal preference.

2.    Craftsman 

This one’s the most popular French door design for commercial and residential properties situated in mountainous areas. The craftsman-style French door have straight lines and look very noble and open. There are made to enhance the structural integrity of a property. Another distinct feature of craftsman French doors is the wide use of frosted or stained glass panels. However, they can be customized to the buyer’s taste and liking.

3.    Modern

All-time favorite door design among the millennial population, modern French doors are quite different from the previous two designs. Modern French doors feature straighter lines, no curves, and clear or frosted glass panels. The glass inserts in modern French doors are usually square shaped or boxed.

This doors design is the most popular pick for modern homes that follow a minimal interior and exterior layout.

hallway between glass-panel doors

4.    Arched

If you’re into adding some drama to your space, we suggest you opt for the stylish arched French doors. Made to fit in any kind of residential or commercial property, these doors give off a rustic yet modern appeal without overshadowing other design elements.

Their curved borders are extremely eye-catching and style-aggravating, not to forget, they also add an inevitable charm to the space.

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Launched in 2008, ORIDOW is one of the unprecedented aluminum doors and windows manufacturing companies based in China. We’re highly skilled at designing, customizing, and manufacturing aluminum windows and doors in numerous sizes, designs, and shapes.

A beautiful white French door in a patio

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