How to Choose the Right Screws for Window and Doors Installation

What screws are generally used for window and door installation?

When installing windows and doors, it is important to carefully select the screws that will be used. This will ensure proper anchoring and stability of each fixture. This guide will highlight key factors that you should consider when choosing window installation screws based upon UPVC or aluminium frames.

 Important considerations when selecting window installation screws

There are several factors to consider when selecting screws for the installation of windows:

Size of Window

To determine the correct screw size, it is important to measure the window dimensions. Consider the following:

  • The window should be measured accurately for both its width and height.
  • Consider any additional weight requirements or load-bearing needs.
  • Note the type of window you are installing.

 Screw Material and Type

It is important to choose the right material and screw type for your window installation. Consider the following:

  • Self-tapping screw: These screws are self-drilling and have sharp tip. They make installation easier on materials such as UPVC or aluminum.
  • Materials that resist corrosion: Choose screws made of stainless steel or aluminium to avoid rusting and corrosion.
screws of different materials
304 Stainless steel and carbon steel

Screw Diameter and Length

For a durable and secure window installation, it is important to select the right screw diameter and length. Consider the following:

  • Screw length: Select a screw length that will allow for proper anchoring, without going too deep into the frame of the window or leaving it unsecured.
  • Screw diameter: To maintain structural integrity, the screw diameter should be the same as the thickness of your window frame.

Recommended Screws to Fit Windows

The screws required for different window frame materials are different. Here are the recommended screws for UPVC and aluminum frames.

UPVC frames

UPVC frames are durable and offer good insulation. They require specific screws to install. Consider these factors:

  1. Self-tapping screw: These screws are designed for easy installation and to cut through UPVC easily.
  2. Choose corrosion-resistant screws. Stainless steel or aluminum screws will prevent the frame from deteriorating over time.
  3. Countersunk or flat head screws provide a flush look, which is clean and attractive.
self drilling screws
self-drilling screw

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and require specialized screws. Here are some recommended options:

  1. Self-drilling screw: These screws are equipped with a drill tip, which can be used to penetrate aluminum frames without pre-drilling.
  2. Screws that resist corrosion: Use stainless steel or aluminium screws to maintain the frame integrity and prevent corrosion.
  3. The heads of these screws offer excellent grip when fastening aluminum frames.
expansion bolt

Comparison of Screws and Nails for Window Installing

There are several advantages to using screws for window installation over nails. We’ll look at the advantages of screws and the disadvantages of nails.

Use Screws for Benefits

  1. Stability and durability are improved: Screws ensure a secure and durable installation that prevents window movement and loosening with time.
  2. Easy installation and removal of screws: Screws are easily installed, adjusted or removed to allow for future maintenance and flexibility.

Nail Use

  1. Weakening structural integrity: Nails weaken the frame of the window, causing instability and possible damage.
  2. It is difficult to replace or adjust windows. Nails are more difficult to remove than screws.

What are the side screws on replacement windows for?

Side screws are essential for ensuring additional stability and security when installing replacement windows. Consider the following:

Understanding Side Screws Functions

The side screws prevent the frame from shifting or moving, which ensures a secure installation. These screws provide additional stability and reinforcement, improving the performance of replacement windows.

Use of screws at the bottom of a window

Include screws at the bottom to add a layer of support and reinforcement. Consider the following:

Why Use Screws on the Bottom?

  1. Weight distribution: Screws on the bottom of the windows help distribute weight evenly. This reduces stress and prevents sagging.
  2. Additional reinforcement: Screws can be used to reinforce the bottom of the glass, providing additional durability and stability.


It is important to choose the correct screws for your window and door installation. This will ensure that you get a long-lasting and secure result. You should consider factors like the window size, the screw type and material and specific recommendations for UPVC and aluminum frames. You can install windows with confidence by prioritizing safety and durability.

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